RTR#29 Another boring update: Categories and bug fixes (

Today, I wanted to introduce you to Categories - a new feature that is essentially a multi-mags view. A new tab will appear in the user panel where you can create categories (public or private) and then add magazines to them (local or remote). In the magazine listing, there will be another tab that will list public categories...

RTR#25 Further performance improvements (user page, tag page), marking new comments (

Today, I worked on the user and tag pages to make them operate a bit faster and consume fewer hardware resources. Additionally, I implemented the first iteration of marking new comments in visited threads and posts. This is a test change and will be improved over the next few days. It's progressing a bit faster than I initially...

/kbin user settings panel

RTR#30 Monthly Recap and Planned Next Steps (

Today, I added a box of related/random collections - I must admit that the ones you created are fantastic. Collection names can be repeated since they are user-assigned. I added the option to mark a collection as official - those with the highest number of followers in a given topic and with a specific name can be marked and...

RTR#28 New Homepage Options, Improved Aggregate View, Support Us Box (

Today, I added new user customization options for the homepage, including the ability to set a new view. The Aggregate view is now featured in the main navigation under "All content," making it easier to navigate. Thanks for all the tips and feedback - great job ;)...

RTR#27 Aggregate view, work on federation (

Today, a test version of the aggregate view has been introduced on the instance. It's a mix of threadiverse and microblog formats, applying all filters, blacklists, sub filters, languages etc. After selecting *, the links to sub, mod, fav change, and navigation works within the aggregate view....

RTR#24 Setting up test environments for federation development, comment wrapping (

Today, I began testing a new instance deployment process, which is an absolute must-have before the release. I also initiated preparations for new test environments that I will be using for developing the federation. The first iteration of comment wrapping has been introduced on the instance as well.

Comments wrapping on /kbin platform

RTR#32 Further refactoring, debugging voting errors (

Today, I continue with code refactoring, getting closer to finishing the most tedious part. I've also improved tools to prevent spam on the instance, which will take effect in a few days, addressing the issue of overloading other instances that have been reported. After today's wave of spam, I've also started working on...

RTR#23 Wrapping comments, hiding threads/posts, marking new comments in threads/posts, aggregate view (

Today, I managed to implement the points I described in RTR#19, and most of the changes are already visible. The remaining ones will be pushed on Monday. Before the release, I'll try to address three more things from the title, which I started working on earlier and are lingering on local branches. I don't want to make any...

RTR#22 Further improvements interspersed with code refactoring (

Today, I fixed some visual shortcomings. It is now possible to change images during post editing. The rules of the magazine have been included in the description on Fediverse to avoid misunderstandings with Lemmy users. Some changes are already on the instance, and the rest will be pushed by morning....

Shadow Drive czyli europejska chmura (od Francuzów z OVH) z bezpłatnymi 20GB na dane. Nextcloud bez aplikacji, tylko dysk.

Niemal przypadkiem natknąłem się na Shadow Drive. Strona twierdziła (EN), że projekt dopiero w przygotowaniu, ale obejrzałem wywiad, w którym Frank Karlitschek - czyli założyciel Nextcloud - mówił o uruchomieniu projektu we współpracy niemiecko-francuskiej, i pomyślałem, że geoip mnie od tego dysku sieciowego...

EA's BioWare will lay off 50 and cut ties with unionized Keywords playtesting group (

Neither the layoffs nor breaking ties with a playtesting company that knows their worth in the market sound like they're going to help BioWare make RPGs that can compete with Baldur's Gate 3, formerly a BioWare series.

RTR#33 Paperwork matters and back to the whiteboard (

Today, after the morning code cleanup, I took care of a few formalities that I need to handle before the end of the year. Tomorrow, I'll have to dedicate some more time to it. In addition to the daily dose of refactoring, I'll probably take a break from coding and focus on planning AP module on the board for tomorrow and the day...

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