PSA: Upvote is not an upvote like you are used to (like Reddit) - "Boost" is the Reddit Upvote

Like the title says, if you want to upvote something on KBin, you should use the Boost link, not the upvote button (Why? Don't know...)

The upvote button doesn't seem to do much, but Boost accomplishes what Reddit's upvote did. So if you're looking to encourage a post, use the Boost link.

KuchiKopi, avatar

Thanks! I’ll upvote this for visibility.


Bruh, you got me laughing hard.


418 upvotes / 3 downvoted = You one funny Person*

I am brand new to KBIN n loving it so far

Thanks to OP I got me answer .. that's the first thing I didn't get;
"What's the diff between n upvote and boost ? "

dannekrose, avatar


This is a result of the original design. Kbin, up until just before the peak traffic hit, was using boosts as upvotes and favorites/likes were just below the post/thread (where boost sits now). Lemmy does it the way it is now (likes = upvotes) so Ernest changed it to match Lemmy behavior. But just as he changed it, he hadn’t changed the calculation for reputation to match when the server nearly melted down and he has to spend all his time just trying to keep the site alive by himself.

garrettw87, avatar

I see you’re on a different Kbin instance. Was this intended to be a threaded reply, out of curiosity? Because it shows up as a top-level comment on the post for me.

Awwab, avatar

He using an optional feature that lets you auto populate your reply box with the OPs username.

garrettw87, avatar

Yes, but my bigger point is that it’s not threaded as a reply to one of that user’s comments.

Edit: Oops, nevermind. I saw their comments elsewhere down here but didn’t realize they were OP. Just one of the interface things on Kbin that needs improvement.

Edit 2: I need to figure out how to do strikethrough text on here

artillect, avatar

You can do strikethrough text ~~like this~~

LinusWorks4Mo, avatar

like this?

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