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I'm seeing more microblog posts (kbin.social)

Is anyone else? One of the reasons I was interested in /kbin over other options was this feature, but I don't remember seeing them on subscribed or all. Is this new? I'm kind of intimidated by it but ultimately know I want to interact. I'm seeing some cool stuff! It's all on magazines I have subscribed to.

Since no upvotes are possible, the 'Hot' and 'New' pages of Kbin should show the same content. That's kinda awesome (kbin.social)

Browsing by new was great in the early days of the first Kbin expansion, right after the reddit migration. I got to see all sorts of posts from interesting communities. Things you wouldn't normally see browsing under 'Hot'. Eventually, as thread numbers increase, I found myself using 'Hot' almost exclusively because it delivered...

/kbin quick March update (kbin.social)

I'm slowly catching up with backlog tasks and cleaning up instances, but there's still quite a bit to do. Day by day, I'm managing to work longer hours, but I still need some time to ramp up the intensity of work. Just wanted to let you know that there might be brief downtimes in instance operation over the weekend. I aim to...

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