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@piotrsikora @ernest FYI: lemmy.world is blocking us


I made a comment there yesterday trying to get your attention on this, but not sure if the @ on that post actually went through properly or not, so I'm trying again.


No, it's not hot. It's fucking ridiculous.

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@Deykun @ernest's owned magazines be like:
(did not have the time to look at mod requests)

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@Deykun @opensource is also the same. Kbin desperately needs a way to stop new accounts from posting threads.


I've noticed this week that I'm currently seeing no visual indication that the boost button is active. No underline, color, or anything.
It seems that a now-broken userstyle I'm using expects there to be an "active" class applied to the element, but it isn't anymore. Is that intentional?
Figured I should point this out to you in case you don't know already.

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@Pamasich @ernest Can confirm that this is an issue. I brought attention to it a short while back, and there are also some bugs with the visuals for vote buttons not consistently working as they should.

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Why are the microblogs not working properly?

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@genesis i get your question! what does annoy you the most?

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I still keep losing comments.
Stuff pointing from notifications lead to no such comment - cannot find anything with Ctrl+F and I see no page numbers or any other indicators of any other pages existing.

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Dumb question. How to crosspost?

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@Gordon_Freeman There isn't a crosspost button, but if two threads are similar, they'll show as crossposts of each other. I'm not sure exactly what the criteria are, but from what I can gather, two link threads will show as crossposts on Kbin if they have the same link. Otherwise, they need the same title (and maybe the same photo?).

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@Gordon_Freeman Agreed, though it would be cool to have a button that you can click to make a crosspost. Maybe it'd send you to the thread creation page with certain things filled out to make it a crosspost.

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I'm curious - what's the difference between magazines and users when linked to the greater fediverse?

It seems like the link to both would be @name@kbin.social. If somebody creates a user named news, it would therefore be found at @news@kbin.social - which is where the news magazine is found.

Don't these collide? How do we distinguish between the two?

I'm sorry if the answer is obvious somehow. :)


@sab Actually, that's the idea, Lemmy and Matrix use a ! before the URL to name communities/rooms for example https://lemmy.world/c/technology but Mastodon doesn't support it and they are the biggest platform so they don't have any plan to do it, Kbin's solution was to use the same logic for users than for magazines. If you access a magazine from Mastodon you will see that it works as a user. Many people think that Lemmy is the only one who resists Mastodon's bad practices.


arrgh, just hit report and submitted for spam, then realized I meant to report the post below the one I reported. Sorry about that, I don't see any undo.

Damaskox, (edited )
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I receive an error when I'm trying to delete a comment.

EDIT: I tried deleting again later and I think the duplicated comment was gone.

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