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Thoughts, social issues, politics, laughs, anecdotes.
Also technology, webDev, AI, science.

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Handling holes in the federation - entries and replies (codeberg.org)

There are at least several types of holes in the federation: * Unfederated profile - support suggestion here https://codeberg.org/Kbin/kbin-core/issues/1341 * unfederated replies to the post at a given time * unfederated entries at the time How to handle this? Answers I often see ...

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The script does not work in the Polish language version of kbin.

look997, (edited )
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A link to a magazine or collection always takes you to /m, instead of e.g. /*, which is where I am currently.
Links from Lists take you to /m, /* or m/.../microblog, depending on where I am currently.

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