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No, it's not hot. It's fucking ridiculous.

RTR#30 Monthly Recap and Planned Next Steps (

Today, I added a box of related/random collections - I must admit that the ones you created are fantastic. Collection names can be repeated since they are user-assigned. I added the option to mark a collection as official - those with the highest number of followers in a given topic and with a specific name can be marked and...

daredevil, (edited ) to kbinDevlog in RTR#30 Monthly Recap and Planned Next Steps

Do you have any favorites that have significantly improved your instance experience?

  • @kbinDevlog -- transparency and continuous updates were probably the biggest thing for me. Thank you @Ernest.
  • Transfer of abandoned magazines
  • Request for magazine moderator
  • Improved account and magazine deletion
  • Anti-spam protections
  • function

Regarding Collections: I'm wondering if it might be useful to allow transfer ownership of collections as well? Probably low priority, but this could be useful if:

  • The owner becomes inactive
  1. A magazine or community becomes problematic + has inactive moderators
  2. Other magazines/communities become more/less relevant over time, thus the collection needing adjustments

Re 1:

  • Could be mitigated on kbin magazines due to magazine ownership transfers, however, may pose an issue on federated magazines from lemmy
  • Also could be mitigated by the creation of a new collection, hence probably low priority

Re 2:

  • Could be low priority in regard to certain magazines/communities becoming inactive over time, however, the chance to miss out on discussions and threads should possibly be considered
  • However, this is also mitigated by also creating new collections -- I just think people generally like to avoid migrating when followings settle in.

Transferring collection ownership could also be excessive/unnecessary? Thoughts? Does the status of an official collection change automatically based on the user count?

Also regarding collections: After following a collection -- going to a collection's page and attempting to unfollow is described as "delete". This may give off the wrong impression to unfamiliar users. Perhaps "unfollow", or "unfavorite" may be better suited? I also wonder if it may be more appropriate to have favorited collections appear at the top of the collections view so users can quickly find the collections they follow in order to avoid being buried by the popular ones. This could also potentially be solved by giving subscribed collections its own tab in the navbar next to magazines? Is that perhaps too many tabs in the navbar?

Anyways, thank you so much Ernest. I know some people were unhappy about /kbin's development progress for awhile, but I'm really glad I stuck with it. Despite the challenges that came your way, watching you get back into the swing of things and /kbin's growth has been a joy to be a part of. The consistent communication and having our feedback be heard is also a big plus. As always, looking forward to what else is on the way.

Edit: Also, really glad to hear you're prioritizing sustainability, balance, and a strong foundation for the future. I hope you're able to get the support you're looking for, so you can give this project the time and effort you think it deserves. It's clear you care a lot about this project.

RTR#29 Another boring update: Categories and bug fixes (

Today, I wanted to introduce you to Categories - a new feature that is essentially a multi-mags view. A new tab will appear in the user panel where you can create categories (public or private) and then add magazines to them (local or remote). In the magazine listing, there will be another tab that will list public categories...

daredevil, to kbinDevlog in RTR#29 Another boring update: Categories and bug fixes

I did not expect to see the / feature be implemented so quickly after mentioning it in only two threads ago. It's really exciting watching develop. However, when I tried making a private and public test case, both returned with 50x error. Even though some actions are successful despite showing this error, I couldn't find my attempts at using this feature under Settings > Collections or Magazines > Collections. Regardless, your work is certainly appreciated.

daredevil, (edited ) to kbinDevlog in RTR#29 Another boring update: Categories and bug fixes

Incredible. I can confirm it works now.

edit: I was going to make a public for , but you beat me to it. :)

Interested folks should favorite this below for a streamlined view of @kbindevlog and @kbinmeta

Niebieska czy czerwona? Pol.Social w Matrix - poradnik (

Zapewne wielu z Was wie, że Fundacja Technologie dla Ludzi (@ftdl), która prowadzi jedną z najpopularniejszych instancji Mastodona w Polsce - Pol.Social, posiada w swoim portfolio wiele innych różnych projektów, takich jak Nasza Chmura, ale czy widzieliście, że posiadają także własnego Matrixa?

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zrobił to trochę inaczej: tworzy NOWY profil na podstawie istniejącego profilu

Więc nie są to jakby "połączone" konta (logowanie oAuth) a nowe konto na podstawie danych poprzedniego.

Różnica to np. dwa osobne hasła.

P.S. Kolejnym serwisem który fundacja uruchomi (w te wakacje) dla osób korzystających z będzie , czyli -owa wersja . Również prace nad integracją logowania oAuth dla , czyli instancji trwają.

Będziemy anonsować w osobnych wiadomościach.

@mediocrequalitymeme @mstankiewicz

m0bi13, to esport in Fnatic wygrywa VALORANT Masters Tokyo 2023 avatar

@SceNtriC Każdy @ magazyn @ domena ma osobne konto. Więc jeśli są na innych instancjach, śledzisz każdy z osobna. Może @piotrsikora napisze więcej o wymianie danych między instancjami /kbin

@emill1984 @SceNtriC

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