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zu testzwecken > this is my favorite alt acc on the fedi

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this is sad! i liked the unofficial guide!

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It really depends on the very magazine. Basically, it's magazines with Ernest as sole moderator where these problems occur. I'd give it a wait.

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Would you elaborate on this?

testing, (edited )
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Yes, moderators can access the reports tab within the magazine panel. Every report must include some reason, hence moderators see them. Regarding bans: without giving a proper reason, no ban can come into effect.

You can also check the modlogs on kbin and lemmy instances for bans (does not apply to mbin).
@bayaz @jayrhacker

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@bayaz It's you who gave me food for thought, alongside many other moderators! I only found out yesterday how to properly ban spam accs on kbin.social.

I really appreciate all efforts to grow and take care of communities, be it on kbin, on lemmy, or on mbin! Every day, I try to keep learning from other moderators.

Given the sheer lack of moderation tools, many mods do great work. I hope the situation will improve so that moderatoring will become easier.

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@bayaz Thank you! This is even worse than I thought! I will try some things out in the near future in order to find a stable way for banning accs.

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truly a long time issue! arrows work for the 2nd page only > same problem occurs in the microblogging section: arrows do not work

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massive database issues - stux gives some explanation in the linked thread

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@ernest thank you for all the work you have dedicated to kbin!

i wish you are getting all support needed right now!

genesis, to kbinMeta
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Why are the microblogs not working properly?

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@genesis i get your question! what does annoy you the most?

RTR#46 Some tests on kbin.social (kbin.social)

The weekend tasks are taking longer for me, I found another bug that causes a 500 error, I'm still working on it.. This evening and tomorrow, I will be testing the changes on the kbin.social. If there are any issues, please mention me in the post or contact me directly through the contact form.

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bug report: replying to microblogging posts does not work

RTR#32 Further refactoring, debugging voting errors (kbin.social)

Today, I continue with code refactoring, getting closer to finishing the most tedious part. I've also improved tools to prevent spam on the instance, which will take effect in a few days, addressing the issue of overloading other instances that have been reported. After today's wave of spam, I've also started working on...

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RTR#32 Voting Bug Report:

  • upvoting any post in the microblogging section of the random magazine does not work

RTR#29 Another boring update: Categories and bug fixes (kbin.social)

Today, I wanted to introduce you to Categories - a new feature that is essentially a multi-mags view. A new tab will appear in the user panel where you can create categories (public or private) and then add magazines to them (local or remote). In the magazine listing, there will be another tab that will list public categories...

RTR#27 Aggregate view, work on federation (kbin.social)

Today, a test version of the aggregate view has been introduced on the instance. It's a mix of threadiverse and microblog formats, applying all filters, blacklists, sub filters, languages etc. After selecting *, the links to sub, mod, fav change, and navigation works within the aggregate view....

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it would be pretty cool if the aggregate view will allow one to combine magazines in the future.

that's a great idea!

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this is massive, could lead to addiction ;)

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