RTR#27 Aggregate view, work on federation

Today, a test version of the aggregate view has been introduced on the instance. It's a mix of threadiverse and microblog formats, applying all filters, blacklists, sub filters, languages etc. After selecting *, the links to sub, mod, fav change, and navigation works within the aggregate view.


In the coming days, bookmarks and additional time filters with date ranges will be implemented. I also need to familiarize myself with the downvote thread today, as there are more comments there than I expected ;) Tomorrow, I will likely take a break from code to address the current matters of the instance that have accumulated.

You can track changes in the official repository

or on Github


Fascinating update. Microblogging seems to less important to /kbin users in my experience, but I find this aggregate view very useful. What is the fav change you're referring to? Bookmarks will be pretty handy--I've seen people asking for this a decent amount. I realize this is a test version, but it would be pretty cool if the aggregate view will allow one to combine magazines in the future. Not urgent of course, but it would really help alleviate how fragmented some communities feel at times. That being said, really impressed with the consistent communication and development on /kbin, Ernest. Looking forward to that next post of yours.

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I jot down all ideas for later, thanks ;)

What is the fav change you're referring to?

I only meant to adjust the navigation after click on *

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it would be pretty cool if the aggregate view will allow one to combine magazines in the future.

that's a great idea!

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this is massive, could lead to addiction ;)


I really like this but currently it seems really difficult to activate it. Could you maybe turn this * button to a switch to indicate when it's on or off and to make sure it doesn't turn off when switching pages?


To add to this, can you let us make our the aggregate view?


The aggregate view sounds exactly like what I was silently hoping for one day. Exciting! Is there a way to use this test version via the PWA on my phone?

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Just select * from the Channel menu at the top of the page (next to the username), and then navigate/filter as usual within the aggregate view.

If you do it from this thread, it will activate the aggregate magazine view; if you do it from the main page, you'll get the main channel.

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The aggregate view is really nice, especially on my sub page! This feature should hopefully be even better with the upcoming federation improvements assuming they'll tackle microblog federation, as that's quite iffy right now.

Since aggregate view essentially just combining threads and microblogs, it'd be best to have it as an option on the header alongside Threads, Microblog, and People. Maybe call it "All Content" or something like that to make sure it's clear what it is. Going with this, it'd also be nice to be able to toggle the default view (Threads, Microblog, All Content, or maybe People) in the settings.

ETA: Also noticed that the color of the new comment marker has been changed to be a lot less obtrusive (at least on darker themes). Very nice! Might be a good idea to have the color change with the theme.

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Good point. If the feature is thoroughly tested, I will make it more visible.

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Ooh fancy. Doesn't quite work with infinite scrolling though.

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Nothing will escape you, as usual. I'm adding it to the todo list, even though I was planning to skip filters for now, but... it's actually a pretty nice feature.

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