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I write code and play games and stuff. My old username from reddit and HN was already taken and I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to be called so I just picked some random characters like this:

>>> import random
>>> ''.join([random.choice("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789") for x in range(5)])

My avatar is a quick doodle made in KolourPaint. I might replace it later. Maybe.


Alt: e0qdk@reddthat.com

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e0qdk, to kbinMeta
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@piotrsikora @ernest FYI: lemmy.world is blocking us


I made a comment there yesterday trying to get your attention on this, but not sure if the @ on that post actually went through properly or not, so I'm trying again.

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It took about a minute for my comment from reddthat to show up here, but it looks like it made it through ok, so inbound comments are working. (Note: replying to myself from my kbin account)

e0qdk, (edited )
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Let me preface my response by saying: my answer is kbin specific. It might or might not also apply to mbin since they may have changed things (or kept older features that kbin changed) since they forked. I know a few of the differences between them, but I haven't kept up with most of mbin's specifics.

Also, if anyone stumbles into this in the far future: note that this post is from March 2024. If that seems like a long time ago, check for newer information...

Can searches be made more specific? On Lemmy, you could define whether you wanted to search for communities/magazines, threads, comments, users and urls.

You can search for magazines specifically from the magazine page. The general search searches in microblogs, thread text -- but not the thread title(?), and comments/replies, I think. You can search for exact user profiles as well with the "@ user @ instance" syntax -- e.g. searching for @TamperTanuki@fedia.io shows a link to your profile as the result. (That also applies to magazines/communties -- e.g. @kbinMeta@kbin.social will find both a user called "kbinMeta" and this magazine as search results -- but searching for magazines from the magazine page is probably better for most use cases.) You can sometimes also find the local version of a federated thread if you search for the original post URL. Note that searching for a post on another instance may not always work; if you're copying a link to a thread you found in a comment post and someone linked to their instance's local version of a thread and that isn't the original source it probably won't find it. (I've had decent luck with it in practice though. For the latter problematic case, load the post on the instance and then find the fediverse link which should take you to the original source and then search for that to find it on your instance.)

@piotrsikora @ernest -- FYI searching for this thread by the exact title "Multiple questions regarding Kbin" does not find it currently but searching text like "as a new Kbin/Mbin user" will find it. Is that a bug?

@piotrsikora @ernest -- Searching for a URL that is not a thread causes a 50x error.

Lastly, you can change the result order (newest/controversial/oldest).

You can change newest/top/hot/active etc. for the results on kbin by clicking on the tabs above the search results.

To send toots/tweets, do I have to specify a magazine? I seem to be unable to send a toot without specifying a magazine first, although I only try to adress a mastodon user directly.

Unclassified microblogs (e.g. from Mastodon users) usually end up in random, but I'm not sure how to post them intentionally since I don't use the microblog feature much. Hopefully someone else can chime in with an answer for this.

Is this even the right magazine to ask these questions in? Is there a dedicated kbin support magazine?

It's fine for kbin questions but you might get a better response for details about your specific instance (which runs mbin) on a local magazine like /m/fedia@fedia.io maybe? Sorry if that doesn't link correctly; I rarely link anything other than lemmy communities. (EDIT: https://fedia.io/m/fedia )

On Lemmy, users can send each others direct messages. It seems like Kbin/Mbin has no way of displaying those direct messages. Is that correct or is there a way to show direct messages?

DMs do not work between kbin and lemmy as far as I know. I have a lemmy alt linked in my profile in case lemmy users want to DM me.

You should be able to send messages to local users on your instance though by going to a user's profile and clicking "Send Message" on the right side.

Trying to access the send message interface for your account from kbin doesn't work here, so I doubt mbin/kbin DMs work. (@ernest this seems to redirect to login and then immediately to the home view instead of opening the message page or showing an error -- is this a bug?)

Hope that helps!

@piotrsikora @ernest -- this thread did not show up on other instances (e.g. I couldn't see it from my alt on reddthat.com despite being subscribed to this magazine from there as well) when I found it originally. I upvoted it here on kbin.social and now it shows up on reddthat. Is that a federation bug (either on fedia.io's side or on kbin.social's side)?

@piotrsikora -- FYI: I got a lot of 50x errors trying to edit this comment.

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Hi @piotrsikora. Great to see that kbin is responsive again and returning to usability. If possible, could you please give an update on what is going on currently with federation? It looks like some things are getting through (e.g. I can see this thread on reddthat) but threads from most lemmy instances are not showing up in a timely way in /newest still and at a quick glance it looks like communities in my collections are maybe a half day behind -- with many threads from the past week or more missing entirely.

I'm assuming some of that may be on the lemmy side -- 0.19 has a major issue with sequential message distribution as seen with lemmy.world <-> reddthat.com federation (see this bug report and this comment if you're unfamiliar) -- but it'd be best to hear from someone who has access to the infrastructure about what's going on rather than guessing.

In particular, it'd be helpful to know:

  • What kind of delay should we expect for threads and comments we create here to show up on Lemmy communities?
  • What kind of delay should we expect for threads and comments other people create on Lemmy/mbin/etc. instances to show up here? (Obviously this may vary from instance to instance, but in general are things cleared up now on the kbin side for receiving new threads quickly?)
  • Are comment notifications still delayed from local kbin replies -- or has that been fixed with the infrastructure changes?
  • Are federated upvotes propagating quickly? (It is very discouraging if you post something and it gets no interaction at all -- knowing if there's federation delay in upvotes would help with distinguishing between "no one saw this", "no one liked this", and "people probably saw it and maybe liked it but the response hasn't made it to kbin yet")
  • Is federation still playing catch up and old missing threads/comments will be backfilled eventually, or have they been dropped to get things back in working order?
  • Have any major instances defederated with kbin.social during the recent problems?

Also, should we @ you in addition to @ernest if we encounter problems on kbin.social?

Thank you!

What adventure games do you recommend?

pretty much the title. i have played most of sierra, lucasarts and telltale catalogues so if you are suggesting one of their games i’ve probably already played it. it doesn’t have to be a copycat, homage or in the same style as these companies’ games either, just that it must satisfy the vague definition of being an...

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Have you tried Resonance? It's a mystery adventure game set in modern times where you play as four different characters whose stories interconnect. It's been a while since I played it (a decade or so?) but I remember that it had an interesting game mechanic that let you use memories like items in various interactions, as well as a number of puzzles that I rather liked the design of.

RTR#33 Paperwork matters and back to the whiteboard (kbin.social)

Today, after the morning code cleanup, I took care of a few formalities that I need to handle before the end of the year. Tomorrow, I'll have to dedicate some more time to it. In addition to the daily dose of refactoring, I'll probably take a break from coding and focus on planning AP module on the board for tomorrow and the day...

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Thanks Ernest!

BTW, I noticed this was posted as RTR#33 and there are two RTR#32 entries; I think this should actually be RTR#34.

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Pokemon (1st gen and 2nd gen -- plus some of the spin-off stuff from that era to a lesser extent) captivated me in a way no other games have before or since. Honestly, I hope nothing ever grabs me that hard again; it's kind of scary how obsessed I was in retrospect.

A number of N64 games also made a big impact on me. Majora's Mask was probably my second favorite game (after Pokemon) for many years. (OoT made an impression too, but I played MM first.) I loved the music in Diddy Kong Racing. I got 120 stars in Mario 64, and when I tried it again as an adult, I really appreciated how short and to the point levels could be (not that I played that way as a kid) -- also the camera in that game sucked. Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness kind of disturbed me a bit as a kid, but it's probably the first game I encountered a sort of "New Game Plus" in, which was neat. (People have since told me that's the "black sheep" of the series and that it's really weird that that's the only one I've played significantly.)

Duke Nukem 3D was the first game I modded, I think (very simple graphical stuff). Definitely wasn't age appropriate but I played the heck of it anyway. Didn't really get much into other shooters other than playing through the main game of Perfect Dark on N64 and playing split-screen Golden Eye with friends.

I also played a lot of Sim<Whatever> games -- particularly SimCity 2000, SimEarth, and SimTower. Also had a bunch of others like SimFarm and even some of the more obscure ones like SimSafari. Streets of SimCity and SimCopter being able to load SC2K maps was really neat though. Played a fair amount of other city builders and simulation games like Caesar III and Roller Coaster Tycoon too. My parents probably hoped I'd become some sort of business manager. :p

I had a lot of creative tools back then as well which I treated as not-that-different from video games. Various Kid Pix programs (one of which had a bunch of odd video clips integrated -- including a short documentary about jackalopes of all things), Kid's Studio, Digital Chisel, some version of HyperCard, etc. Game Maker -- which I found around the year 2000 back when it was still on www.cs.uu.nl -- ultimately led me to being a professional programmer.

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I'm not sure what ernest is referring to with that, but something definitely does seem to be up with federation of content from kbin over to lemmy.

e.g. in /m/anime_irl the last three threads posted have not federated out. I commented here with a list of 5 lemmy servers I checked on a 24 hour old post that hasn't shown up elsewhere (after noticing my own post wasn't showing up).

There's also something going on with comments added by lemmy users on threads that have federated not going out to other lemmy instances. e.g. on this thread from 5 days ago only my first comment has federated widely; the other comment chain (starting with the user from lemmy.world) are only visible on kbin.social and lemmy.world, as far as I can tell. Not sure if that's exactly the same issue or not, but seems plausible for it to be related if something isn't working correctly with federation right now.

Comments that I've made on lemmy threads have gone through today though.

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So... do you think we'll get "silent" Link (as in the games; the version of Link who doesn't have much to say -- besides his iconic mouth noises, of course), a return to "Well, EXCUUUUSE me Princess!", or something different?

15 Underrated Indie Games (youtu.be)

The AAA gaming space can often lack innovation, so people usually turn to small indie studios for something fresh. Whether it’s for unique gameplay design, beautiful aesthetics or satisfying combat, these 15 overlooked indie games stood out to me. This is my top 15 list of underrated, hidden indie gems for PC that I enjoy more...

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Thanks for copying the list out; I'm not visiting YouTube either at the moment. I think I probably saw this video a while ago though -- at least, that particular set of games looks very familiar...

I've played some of them and have some things to say about them:

  • Paradise Killer: I liked the music in this one. I'd never encountered the vaporwave aesthetic before bumping into this game via a Let's Play (back when I was still going to YouTube) which probably enhanced the weirdness factor of the game for me. It clearly took inspiration from Danganronpa, so if you liked that game you might want to check it out (or vice versa if you somehow ran into Paradise Killer without having heard of Danganronpa, I guess).
  • Crosscode: I found this game frustrating. I liked a lot of things the game did -- like the interaction with party members (EXCEPT for dungeons) and running around the map searching for secrets -- but... the default difficulty seemed to be set to maximize annoyance. I mean, it's doable. I was very stubborn about not changing the timing setting -- probably too much so -- and was eventually able to beat the main game, but the way it was tuned definitely reduced my enjoyment. The game claims that adjusting the setting doesn't matter, but tracks statistics about it (like GTA-style stats) which made me really stubborn about not changing the setting. A lot of the challenges in the game are Zelda-esque timing puzzles -- from hell. Like hit the switch then run over and do something before time runs out but with 20 steps instead of the one or two you'd find in a Zelda game. (If you don't like those sorts of timing puzzles you probably won't have a good time with this one.) So, of course, the timing is set in such a way that it's often tricky to actually pull off (particularly with aiming involved) even once you've figured out exactly what needs to be done. I did it, but more often than not got pissed off while doing it. The game additionally had the interesting idea of having competitive dungeons. Your party members would challenge you on the overall time to clear dungeons. So, in addition to the time pressure of individual puzzles, there was an overall time pressure to race through the puzzles as fast as possible. I liked the idea of where they were coming from with the party member interactions for dungeons but I'd have preferred to take my time with things frankly. It ultimately doesn't matter that much whether you win or lose those (I won about half of them), but having the game rub my nose in it for being too slow after getting frustrated at puzzle timing and aiming for an hour or more in each dungeon kind of sucked. The overall plot of the game was interesting enough to go through, and I liked the characters for the most part, but a lot of the gameplay was frustrating. Very mixed feelings on this one.
  • Phoenotopia Awakening: This game was another mixed bag. I really wanted to like it. There were a lot of parts I did like... but it is very flawed. First is the gameplay. It presents itself as a mostly cute pixel platformer/adventure game, but the developers seemed to be thinking "Dark Souls" with stamina and such and... it really did not work for me. Thankfully, you can turn most of that crap off -- and I did so unabashedly. (I beat DS1 before playing it, and since playing it I've beaten DS2 -- so it's not like I can't handle hard games. It just did not feel good to play with those mechanics enabled.) Second is the story. There's a decent enough hook to get the main adventure going fairly early on, but the game doesn't deliver on it. You get to the end and the big dramatic question of the game is... still unanswered! That is really not ok! (Instead you get a bunch of unnecessary backstory for the main character that I took as a big "fuck you"; I won't say more than that in case someone does want to play it and find out for themselves, but the ending was really unsatisfying to me.) The game had a lot going for it -- the music's good (and I still listen to some of the tracks occasionally), and there was a lot of charm in places. Some of the areas were really pretty and there were a bunch of fun little interactions -- but I really don't know what they were thinking with some of it!
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I haven't played Nayuta yet (got the GOG release a few days ago though) but I've played all of Cold Steel I~IV and did not notice anything in them that would suggest that Nayuta even existed -- unlike Zero/Azure where not having played those (due to no official English release at the time) led to some "who the heck is this and WTF is going on here?!" moments as well as some "I would probably appreciate this more if I'd been able to play those games..." sections.

If you want to carry on into Cold Steel after Azure you'll be fine.

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