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@rhythmisaprancer we fixed some issues in infrastructure. Thanks for feedback :) @ernest

@rhythmisaprancer@kbin.social avatar

Thanks also @piotrsikora!

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Hi @piotrsikora. Great to see that kbin is responsive again and returning to usability. If possible, could you please give an update on what is going on currently with federation? It looks like some things are getting through (e.g. I can see this thread on reddthat) but threads from most lemmy instances are not showing up in a timely way in /newest still and at a quick glance it looks like communities in my collections are maybe a half day behind -- with many threads from the past week or more missing entirely.

I'm assuming some of that may be on the lemmy side -- 0.19 has a major issue with sequential message distribution as seen with lemmy.world <-> reddthat.com federation (see this bug report and this comment if you're unfamiliar) -- but it'd be best to hear from someone who has access to the infrastructure about what's going on rather than guessing.

In particular, it'd be helpful to know:

  • What kind of delay should we expect for threads and comments we create here to show up on Lemmy communities?
  • What kind of delay should we expect for threads and comments other people create on Lemmy/mbin/etc. instances to show up here? (Obviously this may vary from instance to instance, but in general are things cleared up now on the kbin side for receiving new threads quickly?)
  • Are comment notifications still delayed from local kbin replies -- or has that been fixed with the infrastructure changes?
  • Are federated upvotes propagating quickly? (It is very discouraging if you post something and it gets no interaction at all -- knowing if there's federation delay in upvotes would help with distinguishing between "no one saw this", "no one liked this", and "people probably saw it and maybe liked it but the response hasn't made it to kbin yet")
  • Is federation still playing catch up and old missing threads/comments will be backfilled eventually, or have they been dropped to get things back in working order?
  • Have any major instances defederated with kbin.social during the recent problems?

Also, should we @ you in addition to @ernest if we encounter problems on kbin.social?

Thank you!

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I can only check federation with our mastodon server (pol.social), and now is very quickly (about seconds).
Queue on kbin.social is empty, so everything should work instant. Maybe lemmy.world add some limitation due to problem with kbin.social.

Feel free to add if you encounter some problems with infrastructure ;)

@ernest @rhythmisaprancer

@Kierunkowy74@kbin.social avatar

I can only check federation with our mastodon server (pol.social), and now is very quickly (about seconds).

Checked with mastodon.com.pl and 101010.pl - both received my boost in seconds.

@Kierunkowy74@kbin.social avatar

Test magazines on Szmer, Sopuli, lemm.ee and Piefed received my posts in seconds.

@pgetsos@kbin.social avatar

I don't see many posts in magazines from lemmy.world, lemmy.ca, lemdroid and more

@rhythmisaprancer@kbin.social avatar

Ya some things seem to not be federating right now for some reason. I can still see them, tho. Older threads.

@nutomic@lemmy.ml avatar

There was a bug with KBin some days ago where it would send huge amounts of federation activities to Lemmy instances which would overload them. To mitigate this, lemmy.world and some other instances had to block kbin.social. I believe the .world admins tried to get in contact with @ernest. You can read some more details here.

I would also suggest that you and Ernest join the Lemmy Admin chat on Matrix where this problem was found and discussed.


lemmy.world block federation for about 1 day.
now should works everything.


Great, but I think this last several-day-downtime did a number on activity, seems abruptly more like a ghost town now. Unless those are just federation issues or people defederated us due to all the spam.


This is the best Kbin has ever run. Thanks Piotrsikora and Ernest for fixing the infrastructure. ^^

@FaizalR@kbin.social avatar

Ah I just sign up with mbin. I think I'll be back here.

@Teon@kbin.social avatar

I'm so glad the sports car got a tuneup! Can't wait until the turbo boosters are installed. :) Thanks @ernest an co.

@Th4tGuyII@kbin.social avatar

Having stuck through the issues of the past while, I can say these last couple of days everything really does feel snappy again


Great to hear kbin is back on track, and assumably so are you @ernest. With so many improvements having been made, however, I can't help but wonder if and how these changes are being made public?

@theJWPHTER88@kbin.social avatar

I also felt the normalcy kicking back in at this moment; days or weeks ago, it felt like jumbled static and spammed noise perusing through this digital seaside village, with storms periodically downing the entire rafterstructure.

Whatever you are doing and faring right now, Mr. @ernest, stay humble and keep on doing for the best of all, even if it means having to ask for additional help from us when circumstances are dire. :D

@pgetsos@kbin.social avatar

Everything feels very fast! Now, only major issue to me is the broken federation. With some magazines I can see 2-3 posts er 10 (out of let's say 10), in other magazines with similar activity no new posts for the last few days

@PugJesus@kbin.social avatar

Still having limited federation issues, but I can browse and such.

@livus@kbin.social avatar

Me too. I think there are a bunch of federation issues in parts of the fediverse.

Mod logs are not working for me but everything else is great.

@PugJesus@kbin.social avatar

Upvotes and comments are both only rarely federating for me.

@livus@kbin.social avatar

Federation seems to be much better for me now!

@PugJesus@kbin.social avatar

Same, just got a hundred or so notifications. Hopefully this'll keep!

@livus@kbin.social avatar

Hahaha I got like 10! I am but a grasshopper.

But yeah we seem to be able to converse in near real time again! Hoping this sticks.

@rhythmisaprancer@kbin.social avatar

Good, I appreciate your history posts!

@kindenough@kbin.social avatar

Yes it is. Everything is snappy again.

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