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More details are available on the status page I'm currently working on.

Is there a link to that page? Or is it not live right now?

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I'm so glad the sports car got a tuneup! Can't wait until the turbo boosters are installed. :) Thanks @ernest an co.

RE: Is Ernest still here? (kbin.social)

I check in here quite often, but for now, I'm just focusing on clearing spam and keeping the instance alive. In January, I was working on the AP module, and there has been significant progress in the work, which hasn't been publicly published yet. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year, I developed a skin condition that...

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Thank goodness you are alive. We thought you had been abducted by aliens!! :)
Sorry to hear that your medical issues escalated.
Hoping you have a painless and speedy recovery.

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Has anyone actually messaged him and asked if @ernest is ok?

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