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A semi-nomadic online traveller from Verdigris, archiving, connecting and creating as much as he can.

Also a budding architect, visual artist, and demoscene musician at heart.

You can also see me down Masto-raft at https://mastodon.ph/@jupritona, and Fanlore (JWPH) and Newgrounds (that1verdeian).

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I also felt the normalcy kicking back in at this moment; days or weeks ago, it felt like jumbled static and spammed noise perusing through this digital seaside village, with storms periodically downing the entire rafterstructure.

Whatever you are doing and faring right now, Mr. @ernest, stay humble and keep on doing for the best of all, even if it means having to ask for additional help from us when circumstances are dire. :D

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Venice 2089
When the Past was Around

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If you're the type who wants to unwind from the hyper-realistic art style of most mainstream games nowadays, while also exploring modern Filipino life and culture through the eyes of a young adult student, the Until Then demo might be up your alley. Aside from the pixelated art style coming from the devs themselves, who are also wholly Filipino themselves, there's quite a substantial attention to detail when it comes to the greater Metro Manila and the suburban locations around, including our local circuses. Oh, and there's also quite a bit of mysteriousness and some philospophy to it, as vaguely evidenced by its Playstation 5 trailer.

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Recently tried out vivid/statis on PC (via my older sister's (now my younger bro's) laptop) since last week, even though I'm not that much of a rhythm game enthusiasts, speaking as a young adult keen on exploration and slow-paced music in video games.

For what it's worth, it just feels and plays quite good, with only four keys to smash and hold note bars to (much like Stepmania and other related RGs, but with the addition of bumper bars), as well as a couple of modes and storyline beats to try and dive deep into, including the tough-as-nails, one-miss-and-you-fail Ultimate mode. And its palette of featured songs are a worthwhile mention, ranging from the slow-paced to the absolute hardcore banger type. And this week, I just scored my first FC on Luminaria (Opening 1), and witnessed the game's first edition of their tournament DUALIZED ASCENSIA unfold, from start to finish. Reeked of adrenaline-fueled fun and competition.

That being said, playing through my way on this game deffo improved on my physical reflexes and typing speed quite a bit, even though I get grades lower than A on certain harder charts. I guess we will see if I can achieve my first V grade and complete Class 1 in Course Mode after a couple more rounds of practice and studying Youtube plays of some of those aforementioned charts.

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This is quite a bonafide selection of bundle games indeed, perfect for an individual, earnest cold-season picking! May I get A Short Hike, then?

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