Error 50x when looking for profiles

Trying to look for random profiles from on, and Kbin Social throws an error 50x every time.

From what could gather, Nijimiss is a federated platform, so maybe there's an issue with the integration with it, if there's any?

Or perhaps one of the two defederated from the other? If that's the case, then I couldn't find anything about it.

Also dunno if it's relevant, but both without a VPN, being in Brazil, and with a VPN set to Japan, I can access the Nijimiss site, but apparently can't access when the VPN is set to European countries, having tried Norway, Spain, Portugal, Poland and lastly Albania to test if it wasn't an issue with EU countries specifically, no dice in any from Europe.

originalucifer, avatar

works from my mbin site.. must be specific to the instance.

the no europe thing smells like gdpr avoidance. something of a red flag

e. actually, that might be the main issue. i think is out of germany, so might be blocked from your no-euro server


You mean Nijimiss? I'm running the searches for that within Kbin Social, and not the opposite, and tinkering with the VPN, Kbin doesn't seem to have problems with EU IPs (isn't it from Poland? I have the impression I read something on that previously).

originalucifer, avatar

yes, i mean the Nijimiss site is actively blocking european IPs, which would include requests coming from, and might be the root of your 500 errors. i noticed (finland) also cant make those requests to successfully.

my instance is not in europe, so it seems like it can make those requests without error.


Ah, I see.

I'm concerned about Nijimiss now too.

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