/kbin another quick update

Good morning, last week we managed to address pressing issues related to infrastructure. Thank you once again for your assistance, Piotr. I will continue work in this area, but it will be less invasive and cumbersome. I have restored the test environments and am slowly getting back into coding.

Today, I will start by organizing abandoned magazines, mag mods requests, checking user account deletions, etc.

This week, additional global moderators will be added to the instance. Tomorrow, there will also be a post where you can submit your candidacy.

Additionally, this week, a Status page will be introduced - where you can check for any instance outages and their repair status.

Various communication issues still remain before I dive into the code. But overall, things are progressing more and more rapidly. I will also try to provide more frequent updates.

Have a great week, everyone!


Hello from across the fedi-pond. Good job and wishing you all the best.

Apes Fediverse together strong!

@rhythmisaprancer@kbin.social avatar

Thank you for more great things!

@HubertManne@kbin.social avatar

The time away almost seems like a benefit now. It gave people a chance to grumble and you have responded to many of the complaints from that time in this one post. Great on you for listening and responding to the community.

@livus@kbin.social avatar

This all sounds great, thanks @ernest!


That's awesome.

@Kben@kbin.social avatar

Thanks for all your hard work Ernest.

@sab@kbin.social avatar

More global moderators is great news! Good luck to anyone on the team! :)

@the_rogue@sh.itjust.works avatar

Good to have you back .

@SharkAttak@kbin.social avatar

Good, since the Lemmy recent criticisms we need an alternative way for the fediverse..
Just one question, should we report spam posts?

@the_rogue@sh.itjust.works avatar

Did i miss somethin ? Which one are you talking about ?

@SharkAttak@kbin.social avatar

Recently there was a request for funds from the Lemmy devs, some answered ok, others hell nah: https://kbin.social/m/technology@lemmy.world/t/913126/YSK-Lemmy-has-53k-monthly-active-users-but-only-1172 if you scroll down to Ignacio's comment there's a link with more to it.
tl;dr Lemmy devs are a bunch of tankies and have a rathere rude approach for those asking for more features, even fundamental ones.

@livus@kbin.social avatar

I thought Lemmy devs receive funding from a European project thingy.

@the_rogue@sh.itjust.works avatar

Ok to be fair their politics doesn’t affect lemmy and as for the feature requesting people were entitled assholes and somw guy acted like he was their work slave which pissed the devs of which is complety understandable . apart from that i find the devs fairly pleasant and this is just blatant misinformation spread about them by people who don’t like their political stand . Also no i don’t like russia or china either but i fail to see how it matters on an open source project.

@SharkAttak@kbin.social avatar

Mh, I don't know how but I messed up, the link I was referring to was this. https://docs.beehaw.org/docs/important-questions-decisions-and-reflections/beehaw-lemmy-and-a-vision-of-the-fediverse/ Now I didn't see the posts before, but answering to someone asking for mod tools, (a feature that is fundamental to a social network, like the CP problem brought to light) "well if you don't dont like it thats the door" is not very mature or pleasant.

roastedDeflator, (edited )
@roastedDeflator@kbin.social avatar

@SharkAttak in the link you provided it says stuff like:

There's threads denyng the oppression of Uyghur muslims (...)

Other posts deny that North Korea is oppressive.

I don't understand how these posts are a proof that lemmy has a bunch of devs that are tankies, since there is no link to the problematic threads they mention. If somehow I missed them could you point those out to me?

Also not too sure I understand how this is a topic related to devs and not mods?


Lead Lemmy Developer, Dessalines, denying the Tiananmen Square Massacre and praising the Uyghur Genocide sh.itjust.works/post/8419342



parentis_shotgun is the main Lemmy dev, also the admin of lemmy.ml and lemmygrad.ml

@roastedDeflator@kbin.social avatar

@cloudless thank you for those links, now I understand.


Thanks Ernest and Piotr for all the great work. Have a great week!

@FaizalR@kbin.social avatar

Have a great week!

@Deceptichum@kbin.social avatar

Thanks Ernest, for all your hard work!

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