[UPDATE] Issues with the functioning of kbin.social

The main issues with the improper functioning of the instance have been resolved, but it led to additional complications. Currently, using the instance should be quite comfortable, but I will continue to work intensively on a comprehensive solution for the next few days. Therefore, occasional interruptions or errors may still occur.

Thanks for your patience!


Thank you very much!

It does seem to be pretty stable and fast today.

Also, where can I donate to support your efforts of keeping this whole thing going?

@kubica@kbin.social avatar

The footer of the page points here: https://kbin.social/support-us

@PugJesus@kbin.social avatar

Thanks for your hard work, Ernest!

@DracolaAdil@kbin.social avatar

Thanks a lot Ernest, you are the best.

Yup, since last night using Kbin (on both the web app and Tundra) has been a lot smoother. I've only encountered a couple of error screens.

If you wouldn't mind, what did happen to Kbin? Was it a Lemmy update...kbin specific problem?

Anyway I just want to say thank and to make sure you take breaks whenever you can.

@leaskovski@kbin.social avatar

Yup! Would love to know what the issue was that caused the outage. Thanks!

@b00m@kbin.social avatar

I'm not seeing any new posts from any instance or even kbin. Had to click on your user profile to see that something new was posted in m/kbinMeta

@LollerCorleone@kbin.social avatar

Thank you!

@Jezebelley3D@kbin.social avatar

Thanks for the awesome website, Ernest!

@livus@kbin.social avatar

@ernest thanks, it's wonderful.


As an aside, I downloaded one of the Lemmy apps to get my fix while things were having issues here. And while it wasn't bad, I'm definitely glad to be back. Huge appreciation for the function and form of Kbin and the tremendous amount of effort put in to keep it awesome.

@NikkiNikkiNikki@kbin.social avatar

Website working great today, thanks Ernest <3

@SuiXi3D@kbin.social avatar

Dude, you’re a trooper. Nobody said you had to do anything for anybody, but here you are making magic happen so people can continue to lurk and laugh at stupid memes.

Thank you. Seriously, thank you. Words won’t ever be enough to reflect our appreciation for your time.

@theodewere@kbin.social avatar

thanks for all your work!

@be_excellent_to_each_other@kbin.social avatar

Thanks Ernest!

@wagesj45@kbin.social avatar

Would love a technical breakdown on what happened!


@ernest doing overtime like a madman to let us all procrastinate. It's truly poetic.

@Sabata11792@kbin.social avatar

Thanks! I was going into meme withdrawal.

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