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I do see your point, but it's out there now. How many thousands of people just grabbed it, or will, because of the article?

Just like PGP, decss, and countless other things, it will be kicking around at the usual places for anyone who wants it for long time, probably well past the point where anyone cares anymore.

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I'm really hoping someone will know of a modern game that has this. I'm absolutely there if one exists. :-)

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I do remember the gore being substantial, but I feel like the gore was a bigger focus back then than in many of the modern games.

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That's in the category of "new" titles that I missed. (Loved the first Halo though) Anyone still playing 2? I may have too check it out if so.

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Ah Sony Music is involved.

Remember the time Sony Music installed a rootkit on peoples' computers via commercially purchased CDs because hacking paying customers' computers seemed like a good way to combat piracy?

Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

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I remembered there was a Part II to the story that made it even worse, but did not remember those details. Should have read my own link! Thanks for highlighting that because it truly is the icing on the cake.

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