RTR#24 Setting up test environments for federation development, comment wrapping

Today, I began testing a new instance deployment process, which is an absolute must-have before the release. I also initiated preparations for new test environments that I will be using for developing the federation. The first iteration of comment wrapping has been introduced on the instance as well.

Comments wrapping on /kbin platform
@skulblaka@kbin.social avatar

Hey Ernest, thanks for the hard work. I just wanted to mention that I think comment wrapping is still a little broken on mobile. It separates by color, but indentation doesn't exist and it's pretty difficult to figure out who is responding to who in a crowded thread. Example photo attached.

All things considered though, a relatively minor issue. But one I'd like to see addressed (especially if the effort is being made now to introduce / fix comment wrapping.)

If there's a better place to report bugs than here please let me know.

@ernest@kbin.social avatar

Thanks, I'll check it.

@skulblaka@kbin.social avatar

Thanks brother. You're a real one. Keep it up! We all appreciate you very much.


Pretty much was able to disable one of the old userscripts I use for kbin now.


Liking the comment wrap so far! Makes it a lot easier to navigate high-traffic threads now, thanks!


Omigosh, I'm famous!

Jokes aside, will this deployment process perhaps open up the possibility for beta testers? I think you've mentioned before that you have an experimental fork that you use for testing. I'd love to help out in that process.

@ernest@kbin.social avatar

Hey, I'll let you know when the test environments are fully ready. Currently, I'm using it more for reading logs of communication between instances. But I want to do it more thoroughly soon. Thanks!


Great to hear!

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