RTR#31 Further refactoring, update Symfony to 6.4 and other deps

Today, I continue preparations for refactoring. Szymon updated the environment and added a spoiler tag in the markdown editor. Additionally, there were several fixes and improvements related to collections and the People page.


You can track changes in the official repository

or on Github

@ThatOneKirbyMain2568@kbin.social avatar

Great changes! A spoiler tag button is really nice, especially since the formatting for it can be a bit clunky. On that note though, I think it'd be nice to have an alternate format for making spoilers that doesn't literally have the word spoiler in it.

It's also awesome to see that official collections are explicitly marked, but the way it's done is rather odd. It's a button that creates an "Are you sure?" prompt on the screen when you click it. It seems like something that's meant for instance owners.

I think something less obtrusive next to the collection's name would be better for marking official collections. I implemented that with a checkmark in my userstyle, and I prefer it to the button. Maybe have the text "official" show when you hover over it to indicate what it means.

@cacheson@kbin.social avatar

::: spoiler Like this?
Do you mean just displaying something other than "spoiler" in the header? Or not using the word "spoiler" when writing the tag at all? If the latter, I believe it's done that way to match how it works on lemmy.

DessertStorms, (edited )
@DessertStorms@kbin.social avatar


::: spoiler spoiler

(E: I've tried several ways to get it to work, once I got the little triangle but also the word "spoiler" on the end, the rest of the times I got variations of what it looks like now. Am on desktop)
(E2: it's now settled on a little triangle, it was showing the ::: bits before, I swear 😂)

@ThatOneKirbyMain2568@kbin.social avatar

I mean not having the word spoiler when writing the tag. I get that it's done for Lemmy compatibility, which is why I suggest an alternative way to do it (like how italics can be written like this or like this).

@DessertStorms@kbin.social avatar

(like how italics can be written like this or like this).

How do you get that to display without italicising/bolding the text? (E: like has clearly happened to me lol)

@ThatOneKirbyMain2568@kbin.social avatar

Backslashes. To get this, you type _this_. In fact, you can backslash backslashes, which is how I showed the backslashes here.

@DessertStorms@kbin.social avatar

Amazing, thanks!
(now to hope I actually remember lol)

@Kierunkowy74@kbin.social avatar

StackExchange Flavoured Markdown features spoilers done like this:

>! Hidden text

! Hidden text

Well, @ernest is aware of way, how spoilers are done on Wykop, being simply ! Hidden text

@ThatOneKirbyMain2568@kbin.social avatar

True, though this doesn't give the spoiler a header.

Maybe something like ||header|content||, based off how Discord handles spoilers, could work.


::: spoiler don't click if you're 8 or younger
santa isn't real

could be written as

||don't click if you're 8 or younger|santa isn't real||

Edit: Backslashing doesn't seem to work on colons for whatever reason, so I removed that example of how the spoiler could be written.

@DessertStorms@kbin.social avatar

I've found where to create a collection, but where do I view those already created by others? And is that really the main difference between a collection and my subscribed feed, that they can be shared?


Go to the Magazines tab in the top bar and then there's a collections tab on the page that opens.

@DessertStorms@kbin.social avatar

Ah, thanks!


The "Add New" button is a nice update to the page -- should be useful for and accessibility which hopefully inspires others to use this feature! Also glad to see that unfollowing a has been renamed from "Delete" to "Unlike". The spoiler tag update is also definitely welcome.

@tjhart85@kbin.social avatar

As always, your work is fantastic, @Ernest!

Having that spoiler tag available in the editor will be great, especially on mobile!

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