/kbin March update

I'm feeling a bit better. Starting today, I'll be returning to work as much as possible. This week will likely be spent catching up on tasks, replying to emails, reading overdue comments, etc. I also need to work with Piotr on instance infrastructure. I'll be more actively handling spam as well, but it's clear that we need additional people for global instance moderation. I'll prioritize this. I'd like to delegate instance administration as much as possible and fully focus on code. In short, there's a lot of work ahead, but I aim to reach a point by the end of this month where I'm 100% focused on code development, and hopefully this time there won't be any unpleasant surprises. The past few months have been overwhelming with a series of unfortunate events ;-)


I'm glad that you're feeling somewhat better and are on the mend!

Bringing more people on board for moderation is definitely a good idea, as is delegating administration. I think it's clear to everyone who keeps up with all your updates that the coding/development is where your heart lies :) Absolutely prioritise these things; reddit's IPO is in a week and a half, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the fediverse, and /kbin, grow because of that.

I'm happy to put my name forward for helping out with moderation (as I'm sure plenty of other people will, too). You've made something special in /kbin, and helping keep it focused and spam-free through moderation feels like the least we could do to help out!

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I have worked with loobkoob as a moderator on Reddit, discord, etc. and I just want to say they have the temperament and reliability anyone would want in a moderator.

I stumbled across this comment while browsing and felt the need to endorse haha




Glad to hear you are feeling better. If you need any guidance from someone with dozens of years running software teams and projects, please reach out. I mentioned some more details about my background in a PM.

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That's great Ernest. Good to read you're going to delegate admin tasks. I'm ready to help as you know. There's a question on the matrix about unusual activity, maybe you can have someone look at that. Stay strong!

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@ernest that's great to hear. I really hope the unfortunate events are behind you. Please take some time to enjoy life though as well as coding.

I can't offer much but I will put my hand up to act as one of the back up mods for a few of the spammiest communities.

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I know everyone else has said these exact words, but glad that you're feeling better!

It's good to see that you're looking into delegating tasks. It's important for others to be able to pick things up whenever you're unavailable, unwell, or just exasperated. Alongside getting more instance admins, I'd also recommend getting other moderators on the magazines you own (e.g., /m/tech). The spam on those can get really bad, so there should be a few active magazine moderators to deal with those.

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It would be great if something could be done to ease the responsiveness of the page. Lately for me I'm getting very long random waits clicking links. While other sites work normal.

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I have very little relevant skill so I won't offer any help lol but it's good to see you around, glad to hear things are settling down for you a little.


Glad you’re feeling better, Ernest. Where’s the best place to donate to your efforts? Is it still buymeacoffee?

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Last I heard, Buymeacoffee is for buying Ernest beers, Librepay and Patreon are for donating to kbin.

Links to all three are here.

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Glad your doing better. Thanks for everything you do

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Great to hear you're doing better! I really hope this community can become self sustaining and you can focus on the bits that most excite you.

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Those are great news. Hope your recovery goes well and that you find some solid people to help with the maintenance in terms of moderation. kbin really is my favorite instance of this all, but needs some love.

insomniac_lemon, (edited )

I'll be more actively handling spam as well, but it's clear that we need additional people for global instance moderation. I'll prioritize this. I'd like to delegate instance administration as much as possible and fully focus on code

Said before (forgive me if you planned on replying to it), but is spam filtering (and similar issues related to moderation/federation) something you're planning or?

The current spam is rudimentary so I don't think false positives are a reason for no filtering at all, particularly if existing users are not scanned the same way. If mods can un-delete false positive threads/comments made by new accounts surely it'd be less work than manually removing spambot stuff (even if it were per-user). Especially if manual spam removal means that people still see the spam.

EDIT: Also clicking on one of the new spam accounts, 13 minutes old with 6 threads (and that was posted almost immediately with the rest posted within the span of 3 minutes).

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It's good to see you posting again. Many of us are willing to do things to help out as our skills allow 🙂 Be well.

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