RTR#35 User profile enhancements: sorting options, new date range filter, reputation points fix

Today, I made some updates to the user profile. I've introduced the capability to sort and filter content. Additionally, I've implemented a new feature allowing content filtering based on a specified date range, which is now operational across all views. While there isn't a dedicated button in the interface yet.

I have also fixed the reputation points calculation, which serves as part of the anti-spam filter I am concurrently developing. The reputation table in the user profile has been updated as well. It's not finished yet, but you can see improvement.

Later tonight, I will push another set of bug fixes. Additionally, I plan to launch an API on a secondary instance to avoid disrupting work on applications.

I will update the instance over the weekend.

DessertStorms, (edited )
@DessertStorms@kbin.social avatar

I'm really liking the "new comments" feature, would it be possible to make it visible from profile overview as well as on the main feed? No big deal if not 👍

E: blimey, that was quick! Thanks!

@ernest@kbin.social avatar
DessertStorms, (edited )
@DessertStorms@kbin.social avatar

No, more like this

Screen is from main feed, but I had just seen it happen in my overview page (my profile), hence my edit to my earlier comment, but it happened on a post I made, and isn't on others, so that might have already existed?

@ThatOneKirbyMain2568@kbin.social avatar

Wait, there's a feed for all comments on kbin.social? That's interesting.

@livus@kbin.social avatar

@ernest this is amazing.

But I worry that you don't get enough time off on the weekends! Please do take some time for yourself as well.

jwr1, (edited )
@jwr1@kbin.social avatar

Also, I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I've noticed posts don't seem to show up in feeds until they have at least one favorite. This post, for instance, wasn't in https://kbin.social/c/kbin initially, but once I upvoted it, it showed up. Maybe it doesn't qualify as "hot" if it has zero votes.

@Teppic@kbin.social avatar

I think it is down to not qualifying as hot. If you sort by new after posting you'll likely be able to see them.

@jwr1@kbin.social avatar

Additionally, I plan to launch an API on a secondary instance to avoid disrupting work on applications.

Sounds great! I was literally just wondering about that.

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