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@ernest, I'm sure you're very busy, but I still have that question about logins for the API (here).

Prototype for new Kbin app: Interstellar (kbin.social)

I've been working for the past week on a new kbin app. At the moment, it's just a prototype and only the "Feed" view has content (you can't sign into an account or post anything yet); you can see threads, thread images, thread comments, thread links, and thread votes/boosts. You can also change the "Theme Mode" and "Instance...

RTR#38 User profile, tag and search page filters, API deployment progress (kbin.social)

Today, we successfully addressed most of the recent issues on the instance. As the database continues to grow, proactive measures are essential to address and improve any weak points. The aggregate view introduced additional benefits, such as filters on the tag page and the search page, making implementation seamless through...

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Hey @ernest, not sure if you saw my question here (https://kbin.social/m/kbinMeta/p/3482999) or not, but I was wondering what the recommended way to authenticate a user with the kbin API that allows federated use. From what I understand, the way it's currently set up is that developers have to register an oauth client with a kbin server in order to authenticate users from an external client. Does that mean every kbin server we want an external client to connect to has to register with oauth?

RTR#35 User profile enhancements: sorting options, new date range filter, reputation points fix (kbin.social)

Today, I made some updates to the user profile. I've introduced the capability to sort and filter content. Additionally, I've implemented a new feature allowing content filtering based on a specified date range, which is now operational across all views. While there isn't a dedicated button in the interface yet....

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Additionally, I plan to launch an API on a secondary instance to avoid disrupting work on applications.

Sounds great! I was literally just wondering about that.

jwr1, (edited )
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Also, I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I've noticed posts don't seem to show up in feeds until they have at least one favorite. This post, for instance, wasn't in https://kbin.social/c/kbin initially, but once I upvoted it, it showed up. Maybe it doesn't qualify as "hot" if it has zero votes.

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