RTR#38 User profile, tag and search page filters, API deployment progress

Today, we successfully addressed most of the recent issues on the instance. As the database continues to grow, proactive measures are essential to address and improve any weak points. The aggregate view introduced additional benefits, such as filters on the tag page and the search page, making implementation seamless through these mechanics.

As mentioned earlier, there might be some instability over the weekend as we collaborate with @piotrsikora to deploy the API on kbin.social. A big thank you for his time amidst the busy pre-holiday/new year period.

Additionally, I made improvements to the reputation page, where users can now filter activities for specific days. While it's not perfect yet, continuous enhancements are underway for a better user experience.

@kubica@kbin.social avatar

Something is looking weird with the "top" tab, It only offers to filter until 12 hours.
And I can't access the section "All Content".

@kubica@kbin.social avatar

Not sure if something was done to fix the "top" filtering. But now I'm seeing the other options again.

@GeekFTW@kbin.social avatar

I still see just 3h/6h/12h.

@jwr1@kbin.social avatar

Hey @ernest, not sure if you saw my question here (https://kbin.social/m/kbinMeta/p/3482999) or not, but I was wondering what the recommended way to authenticate a user with the kbin API that allows federated use. From what I understand, the way it's currently set up is that developers have to register an oauth client with a kbin server in order to authenticate users from an external client. Does that mean every kbin server we want an external client to connect to has to register with oauth?

@ernest@kbin.social avatar

Oh, I must have missed your question, sorry. I'll answer it when I get back home.

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