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Transfem | she/her | programmer | old

PSA: Ten Forward is the new Risa https://lemmy.world/c/tenforward

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Request for an off-site status communication method and more admins to help run the site & communicate with users (kbin.social)

@ernest, we love you man, and we're grateful for the service you provide. But this site has needs that can't be met by one person: community mod approval, emergency status communication, spam management, and account management are just a few that immediately come to mind....

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What the fuck? There's...what? I played this game for a short bit and thought it was great, but I figured I got the gist of the game and never felt the urge to resume. I was still outside, so I clearly stopped before it started getting good. Fuck. I'm going back in, thank you for posting this.

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