RTR#28 New Homepage Options, Improved Aggregate View, Support Us Box

Today, I added new user customization options for the homepage, including the ability to set a new view. The Aggregate view is now featured in the main navigation under "All content," making it easier to navigate. Thanks for all the tips and feedback - great job ;)

I also introduced a "Support Us" section in the sidebar, where you can see who is supporting the project and instance. This is a small way for me to express gratitude to those who contribute to the project with services, licenses, free of charge. To ensure the long-term maintenance of the instances, there are thresholds on Patreon after which logotype can be displayed here. Of course, these will be static, non-intrusive image, and users can block the block with an adblocker or just disable it in user options - even non-logged-in users ;)

As I mentioned yesterday, today I need to attend to instance matters, so my availability may be limited. It's best to tag me in posts if there's a need.

You can track changes in the official repository

or on Github

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Don't burn yourself out.
I love progress, but I love it even more at a sustainable pace.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568, (edited )
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Awesome stuff! I'm loving how these features are shaping up.

A few further suggestions on the aggregate view:

  • Like Threads and Microblog, All Content should have a number next to it (just the number of threads + the number of microblog posts).
  • I think the homepage setting should be split into "homepage feed" (all, subscriptions, moderated, or favorites) and "homepage view" (all content, threads, microblogs). That'd make the current dropdown a lot less cluttered.
  • It'd also be helpful to have a "default view" setting that applies when you go to any magazine or feed. For example, if I go to /m/Kurzgesagt and my default view is set to All Content, it'll start on the All Content view.

Should you keep the homepage setting as it is, there are a few issues with the dropdown:

  • When you select something, the only text that shows is the feed, not the view.
  • When you select something, the option that you currently have saved moves to the bottom of the dropdown.
  • Not sure if this has always been a thing, but the dropdown uses "Subscriptions" while the channel list in the header uses "Subscribed".

ETA: One more issue I forgot to mention — when you click All Content on the favorites, moderated, or subscribed feed, it sends you to the all feed.

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Curious to see, than https://kbin.social/* consists entirely of threads, and https://karab.in/* almost entirely of microblog.

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asterisk breaks a link.

Working links:
kbin.social, karab.in

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On kbin.social, posts featuring Lemmy posts receive more upvotes, and it defaults to sorting by "Hot content." For a more accurate representation, sorting by "Active" or "Newest" or */sub is recommended. On the other hand, karab.in primarily federates with Polish Mastodon instances, and szmer.info is not as popular, hence the difference.


Awesome work as always! The new all content page is much more convenient and I don’t think I've ever seen someone be this considerate while advertising (if you could even call it that). One thing I've noticed is that the support us part of the sidebar is somehow in French for me. I don't have any language settings set to French and this is the first time I've encountered such an .

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support us part of the sidebar is somehow in French for me

I just fixed that ;)


Yup, seems to be fixed! Thanks for the quick response.

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