Awe as a dev this kind of bums me out a little. I wonder that they used for DRM. Those sales go directly to the devs in way of raises and retention.

Granted this is not EA where i worked, but if you enjoy the game, i encourage you to buy it.

Also NOTE: I DO NOT SUPPORT DRM, just the pay checks of the devs as i was one for quite some time.

loudWaterEnjoyer, avatar

You realize this is a forum, actually a whole instance, that centers around piracy, right?


Yeah! You also realize this is a group full of intelligent people right? It’s the whole reason why i chose this instance.

loudWaterEnjoyer, avatar

Intelligent enough not to pirate?


What do you mean? I’m a contributor to saltbox. Lol

loudWaterEnjoyer, avatar

What do you mean you’re a saltbox contributor? How does that fit into context?


I agree with you, but I think both of us about to be downvoted by these cheapskates lol


I’ve thought about this. I think that happened was because of timelines, they released a super early build, fuckin producers.

It’s not the worst thing for an early access game to be cracked, honestly. If the game is has more eyes, that’s great. I am curious about what is out now however.

I am also curious about if the cracked version can be updated with content once the game goes live. Like i have no idea when that is or if it has already happened.


Totally agree on the paycheck. However we need to stop acting like piracy is bad only. Buy the things you really enjoy and support the creator(s).

Back in the days a friend suggested i buy Skyrim and i was like: “Uuh not sure if i want to spend that kind of money on a 2yo game”. But since he was quite a fan, i pirated it. Soon after I bought the LE version and today it is still my most played game.

NGL: i also pirated many things of which i never bought the original version. But because of the bay i also bought some things i most likely wouldn’t have without.

AtomicPurple, avatar


I was vaguely interested in Dark Souls for years, but every time I tried, I bounced right off it. I went through a cycle where every year or two, I would pirate one of the souls games, try it out, give up on it after an hour or so, and do it all over again the next time I was sufficiently compelled to give the series another shot. This happened until several years ago when I tried Dark Souls II, and for some reason it finally clicked. I played my pirated copy of Dark Souls II for about 10 hours, before a random crash corrupted my save file.

After that happened, I immediately bought the game on Steam and proceeded to play it for the next month and a half, until I eventually beat it. I've since purchased every souls game plus Elden Ring on Steam, and recently imported a copy of Bloodborne GOTY edition after spending $700 on an exploitable PS5, just so I could play it at 60FPS. None of these legitimate purchases would have ever happened if I hadn't been able to repeatedly pirate Dark Souls for about five years.


I don’t think piracy is bad lol i do think mega corporate publishers have bad practices for sure. Like cool, the one i worked for is publicly traded. Awesome. Every action is greed motivated. I hate that.

Every time i loose hope in games i just play undertale and ignore the world. >.>

KevinDeRodeTovenaar, (edited )

I got installed the game, when i start it steam opens up and give a “no license” prompt

I forgot to tick a box that copies the crack install dir


you probably didn’t copy the crack over

mara, avatar

Install the crack on top of it

FxSoap, avatar

Is there a torrent somewhere…?

_TK, avatar

resources in the Megathread link pinned to the community can lead you there.


Can anyone give me a full guide on how to get this to work on Linux(Arch btw), since I have absolutely no clue on how to do this stuff.


There are endless guides already written out there, just search for “Lutris” or “Bottles”.


It’s super easy. I just added it as a non steam game in my library and it worked. It also works on Lutris using a default wine context. I’ve been playing it and I’m on EndeavourOS (Arch)

mara, avatar

Did you run into a case where a RX5700 was detected as unsupported?


No I didn’t face that. And I’m running an AMD 5700 XT

iturnedintoanewt, (edited )

Hol-eee shit. My GTX 1070 doesn’t meet minimum requirements…and it just won’t boot? Oh wow.


Gamers nexus had gtx 1070 in their starfield performance review, so it can work on a 1070. 30fps on low settings I think though.


Who the hell are they expecting is going to play this game? Only trust fund kids?


Like have you seen hw prices lately? The prices of these class of card simply crashed through the ground. 1070 are very cheap, the rx470-480 is barely sellable trash. A lot of time had passed since the 10series…


Steam system requirements say RX5700 minimum. Recommended is RX6800XT, which was ludicrously expensive last I checked. Also I need a much newer CPU.

In this economy, that’s gonna be a no from me.


We knew the game would be demanding when MS announced 30FPS only on both consoles. And this time it isn’t a CPU bottleneck


But the 5700 is not an expensive gpu to buy second hand. Cpu asks for an ancient 6core or a 2nd gen ryzen. These aren’t unreasonable specs in 2023. Time has moved on. Sorry.

Mind you I have an ancient 6core and a 1080 class card.


Dude, the 1080 came out in 2016, that was just… oh.


Adults with jobs?


I’m an adult with a job, and I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of affording the recommended system requirements for this game any time soon. RX6800XTs do not grow on trees.


It runs like absolute crap. I have a 2070 with i9-12900k and 64gb ram and get 30fps on the LOWEST settings. That’s it.

I run Elden Ring at 120fps and just got done with Armored Core that ran at 144fps rock solid medium settings all the way through without a single blip.

The performance is unbelievably atrocious.


I was legitimately impressed at how well AC6 runs on my machine. FromSoftware’s come a long way from the original PC release of dark souls 1


Yeah it runs rock solid. I get the impression FS must have good employee retention and have very good methods for building employee skills, so over time they’ve only improved. On top of hiring and acquiring some of the best staff that must have existed in other Japanese studios. No idea how they actually treat the employees, could be like shit because it’s Japanese work culture, but something about them is producing content that is consistently a cut above everything. They’re getting up there like Rockstar in terms of quality but based in Japan instead of the UK.


It’ll burn your house down


If you’ve got windows 10 try updating to 22h2 (no, really; a consequence of Bethesda being acquired by Microsoft, I suspect), and update your GPU drivers.

That got it running on my 980ti, so it should also work with the 1070.


Or it’s a consequence of the fact that all earlier windows 10 (non enterprise) versions are end of service.

I highly doubt it’s done intentionally. 21H2 probably misses a feature or they just didn’t care about 21H2 because why should they.


Yeah, I think it’s probably having to do with how Wine/Lutris emulates the Windows version, that makes it think it’s an older version. I’ll try on a real Windows partition…


Did u try adding it as a non-steam game directly on Steam and not using Lutris? I’ve tried both on my EndeavourOS PC and find that for whatever reason, it runs much better via Steam vs Lutris.

Double_A, avatar

The 1070 is the official minimum requirement.




Been trying to run it on an rx480 and it hiccups and crashes so much lol

ICastFist, avatar

Eagerly waiting for the videos of every Starfield’s fade-to-black screen transitioning back into Skyrim’s opening


I love that pirate groups still use ascii text art in their release notes. It’s like a little piece of the world that hasn’t changed in 30 years.

TheCaconym, (edited )

And still include cheesy mp3s playing too loud in retro-futuristic-looking installers

CosmicApe, avatar

The music in the installers is the best part about installing cracks

SaltySalamander, avatar

The track included in the Rune installer for Starfield was actually a banger


I need to find out how to make these. Mostly just cause I like it.


On Linux, you’ll want to install figlet and toilet (both available in the debian repos)

Alternatively you’ve got this online frontend

If you really want to get weird with it you can also play any video in ascii art through libcaca and mplayer. Looks like this


I use Arch btw Endeavour OS so don’t have Debian repos but I will definitely check them out. I especially like the fancy dark mode.


I just checked and figlet at least appears to be in the arch repositories as well


Thanks, I will check it out tomorrow. I uave used pyfiglet in the past tbf so I figured it woukd be available either via the official repos or the AUR.


On Linux, you’ll want to install figlet and toilet

I know you’re 100% serious, but this sentence sounds so made up and hilarious

Wilker, avatar

it’s typically just a kind of pixel art with monospaced fonts¹. any characters you see that’s not typically shown on your keyboard (e.g a filled square) can be found in a character selection program in your OS. anything else related to texts, templating and line breaks you can probably find a program somewhere on places like or gitlab or write something of your own without much trouble.

¹ a monospaced font is a font where every letter and character has the same spacing from each other, and are the easiest to do ascii art. (ascii is just one character table, but you can also gather unicode chars all you want)

ComradeLove, avatar

Somehow I expect hackers to do cooler stuff these days. I want hackers to release a Switch version of the game.


It can barely run on a gtx1070 man what kind of black magic do you expect a hacker to cast to make it run on a Switch

mara, avatar

I love that the installer has a cracktro, that’s the real good stuff.


I bopped to that shit for ages.


I pirated a cracked version of Adobe Acrobat Pro recently. First thing I had to crack in years. It had a sketchy crack installer , with music and everything. Like it was back in the 90s. Of course it worked perfectly lol.

violetraven, avatar

Chiptune/tracker/keygen music will all hold a special place in my heart.


Oh my too!

loudWaterEnjoyer, avatar

I really like the chip tunes, but I think they are not creating them anymore in the authentic way


Imma wait for the fitgirl repack


fitgirl repack

Looks like it’s already out.


yass already have it seeded


“Pirates? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the gazillion sales we’re about to make.” —Bethesda, probably


*Already made. They’ve got like 200k+ $100 deluxe version sales already, the base game hasn’t even officially launched


Sixteen times the details


The extra cost “early access” stuff just encourages piracy. I’m paying for gamepass, so I’m already paying for access in four days. I’m still tempted to pirate it. It’s probably going to be a better product than dealing with Xbox crap on PC, but I could also play now.


Anyone know if save game files from the cracked version (aka Steam version) can be transferred to the GamePass version?


I don’t know why you’d want to rent the game if you’ve already got the cracked copy, but I would be surprised if the save files were any different between the two platforms.


Because it’s a supported copy that I know is getting the latest patches and I’m already paying for it…? Also, as long as I can transfer save files, I could use them down the line on a sale copy on Steam for Steam Deck or whatever else.


Is RUNE or IGGAMESCOM trustworthy?

samus12345, avatar

I’ve never had a problem with them.


Rune is. A lot of people don’t like IGG, but I’ve never had a problem with it. You gotta be good at dealing with ads and such though.


RUNE cracked Baldur’s Gate 3 recently.


Imagine cracking a game that’s already on gog lmao


Your comment and username have made my day so far.


Glad I could brighten your day, friend :) Thanks for sharing

Amir, avatar

Which is DRM free…


I would think that it’s cheap availability on GamePass and likelihood of frequent updates would make for a muted response to this one.

Plus I don’t think it was protected to start with for modding purposes. People will be flying around in Thomas the Tank Engine by the end of next week.


As is Bethesda tradition.


For these reasons, I’d rather buy Bethesda games. As a company, they aren’t assholes. I’d hate for them to get bought out by ea or something like all the rest.

DragonTypeWyvern, (edited )

My only beef with them is their complete disregard for QA but, in the end, they’re right.

We’ll do it for them.

Well, and watering down the social commentary in their Fallouts to an absurd degree.

Can’t wait for Fallout 5 to say “AKSHUALLY, it was all China’s fault and capitalism is based and Vault Tec was justified. Join the Brotherhood or die, trash.”

Triangle For Enthusiastic Yes Square For Nod Silently


Yes, that would be terrible for them to be bought by somebody like MS.


While you’re absolutely right to point out they have already been bought by Microsoft. I think we can all admit MS has had an unbelievably better track record with acquiring studios than EA.


Pretty low bar you’ve set there…

AntiOutsideAktion, avatar

As a company, they aren’t assholes

It’s just locker room sexual assault


Yes. Paid mods never existed.


I would think that it’s cheap availability on GamePass and likelihood of frequent updates would make for a muted response to this one.

The performance is absolute crap I think everyone should pirate it just to send a message. Like holy crap it’s awful.


I think I’d rather play something I enjoy instead.

toxictenement, avatar

I found an optimized ini file on nexusmods that has the game running real well and still looking pretty good. Good lord though yeah the performance is awful.

Melonius, avatar

The game is kinda meh from what I’ve seen? Any positive impressions?

samus12345, (edited ) avatar

Still downloading for me, but I see more than one review saying it takes a long time to get good. I’m keeping my expectations low.

EDIT: Glad I was warned it starts slow. It does get better if you stick with it.

EDIT 2: It entertained me for a week. It’s no Skyrim, or even Fallout. I would have been pissed if I’d paid for it.



  • Loading...
  • Techmaster,

    So it’s more Destiny than No Man’s Sky.


    Best comparison I’ve heard (by Gopher, if I recall correctly) is Outer Worlds, but less silly, and bigger by several orders of magnitude.


    Yeah Outer Worlds was awesome but very limited. So limited that it almost felt linear.

    Awoo, (edited )

    Starfield really does look and run great.

    Run great? Absolutely not.

    I get 120fps in Elden Ring at medium, 2070, 64gb ram, i9-12900k.

    Just got done with Armored Core, rock solid 144fps at medium all the way through, never a blip.

    This runs at 30fps on lowest settings. It runs like absolute crap. It’s incredibly jarring to go from games that are gorgeous and well made with high performance to this thing running like something 20 years ago. Absolutely zero optimisation.

    It will get a seriously negative response from the average pc user when user reviews start hitting due to this performance.


    The most positive I’ve heard is that it is a by the numbers Bethesda rpg game. It doesn’t try to be anything more. If you liked fallout 4 and skyrim odds are you’ll like this.


    What if I liked FO3 and New Vegas and hated FO4?


    Then you have good taste in games.


    What if I liked Fallout 76?


    Nobody’s perfect.


    FO3 was kind of a disaster in terms of narrative and roleplay. And the established world building.

    Kir, avatar

    Then you are objectively right


    They got rid of the dialogue wheel and went back to a list of options (influenced by character background / skills), so at least there’s that, I suppose.

    OptimusPrimeRib, avatar

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about gameplay. But it runs like shit on most systems. A RTX 3080 at 1440p ultra can’t get 60 fps in cities.


    And even it’s cracked from I won’t be able to play it thanks to my old as system and my lack of will to purchase a new one untill it dies.


    Haha I was thinking along similar lines, my R5 1600 is either going to take to it with it’s usual shrug while it rolls up it’s sleeves or just explode, it still punches way above it’s weight so hopefully it won’t explode but she’s getting a bit long in the tooth.

    MattsAlt, avatar

    Same 😭

    BeeCoffee, avatar

    The amount of leachers are a sight to see


    The four day head start thing being bullshit was a good point. But yeah, I’m not likely to pirate an executable any time soon.

    BeeCoffee, avatar

    Time and money consuming, new hard drive, install windows, install the exe and check if that wasn’t a malware, or a VM, GPU pass trough, install win and starfield


    Yeah, this is probably the way I’d go about it. Dedicated hard drive, separate/no network access, no access to other files. Who cares if it is malware if it can’t get to anything.

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