CD Projekt recommends starting a new game when Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.0 drops: 'starting fresh will enhance your overall gameplay experience'

Cyberpunk 2077 is getting a mammoth-sized update, titled Update 2.0, tomorrow, September 21, and it promises to be a bit of a game changer. A police revamp, a progression overhaul, a new cybernetics system, vehicular combat, DLSS 3.5—it's vast, and thankfully separate from the Phantom Liberty expansion due next week, so you'll get all of this for free. With so many changes, the developer is naturally recommending that you experience it all on a fresh save, starting a new game rather than continuing an existing one.

It's entirely possible to just carry on with an old save, but making a new character will ease you into all of the big changes, most notably the skill system, which might be a bit jarring if you have to rebuild an existing character. "Due to the number of changes, starting fresh will enhance your overall gameplay experience," reads the tweet from CD Projekt Red.

Hey, chooms! While you'll be able to continue the game with your current character on an existing save, we recommend starting a new game after @CyberpunkGame
Update 2.0. Due to the number of changes, starting fresh will enhance your overall gameplay experience!

flux, avatar

I’m actually a fan of the game because I can see the vision they had. I think people are more harsh because they see how great it, “could have been”. But to this day so many weird bugs, qc issues that are not even graphics related. Basic qc like overlapping dialogue, mission problems, things disappearing, etc. I’m rooting for the team to keep up improvements. But for them to tell me I’d have a better time starting over is a little annoying. If this is so much better what was I playing before ? Sure, more money, feedback and most of all time is going to make a better game.But they know there are things they could have done better if they are suggesting starting over.


They are suggesting you start over so you can enjoy the rebalance of the game with the updates. They aren’t saying you have to, just that you’ll get the most out of it if you do.


Already got all the achievements for this game so unlikely I’ll play it but good that they’re still updating

TSG_Asmodeus, avatar

I’m really excited to play with all these changes. I have just shy of 200 hours for 2 playthroughs, and virtually every change they’ve made here seems like it’ll improve things a lot.


I’ve been waiting for it to get to this point to even buy it.

sugar_in_your_tea, (edited )

Same. Maybe I’ll get it once 2.0 launches. Maybe. I’ll wait for reviews.

optissima, avatar

Wait for them to iron out whatever kinks again, wait for 2.1/2.02


For a new player. How long into the game until the expansion starts?


played the OG version on release. there is a “point of no return” message for the end of the game. If you complete game or save after that point and reopen that save you’re locked into that ending based on what you did prior to crossing the point of no return.

so the playable sections all come before this — so if you missed something after completing you can reload your “Meet [Person] At Embers Bar” save (the point of no return) — go do it with your endgame character and then optionally revisit the final section if you like.

from what I gather on loading up an old save after this patch you’ll have to re spec your character and may have missed minor things, but can start all the new content from your …Embers save.

From a new player perspective you can choose to do the DLC or the vanilla game at any order or at any point- gated by your character level and progression, similar to how Fallout DLC works.


Great answer. Thank you !


Cool, maybe I’ll actually pick this up next time it’s on sale (and includes the dlc).

derin, avatar

Nah - I think I’ll enjoy it on my old character, if that’s all right with them.

Crazy to think I’d just spend another 100 hours redoing missions and revisiting old content for new progression systems.

I’m happy the game is finally finished, but it’s kind of insulting to tell us to go back and “play it all again, it’s finally ready”.


I fail to see the insult, it’s not like they’re going to call you names if you don’t do what they recommend.


I think you’re taking this wrong. They’re saying you can play it all again and the experience will be somewhat different with the new systems. They are saying you’re a loser if you don’t or whatever. Basically, they’re saying the update effects the existing game too, not just the DLC.

nehal3m, (edited )

Maybe it’s because they view playing the game differently than you do. Personally I see it as a game you can ‘run’, sort of like a rogue-like. There’s different ways to execute missions, a few different ways to interact and varied builds for a character. I’ve played the game twice now, once as a corpo gun slinger and once as a street kid hacker. For this update I’m doing a nomad ninja.

Chev, (edited )

In best case, I will play the game after the first patch after 2.0 + PL. Good that I’m still in my first playthrough in Baldurs Gate 3. So if the patch comes around the weekend of the 6th of October, I should be fine.


I’m so excited to play this on PS5. Survived a 50 hours playthrough on PS4, liked the story enough but almost purely ground my way through due to shitty performance. This time I wanna just enjoy it as it was meant to be played :)


Anyone have a tl;Dr on the police and vehicle revamps?


Cops are dangerous now, maxtac doubly so, and you can shoot out of cars while driving now.


So they’re not just going to materialize out of thin air anymore?


Picard to maxtac:


(tbf It never really bothered me, cyberpunk is one of my favourite games ever. The story, the voice acting the goofy and scary side missions. For me the jesus pose and the teleporting cops where forgivable.)


I’ve tried to keep my spoilers to a minimum, but from what I’ve read, MAXTAC has their own siren. At 5* wanted level, when you hear their siren, a little bit of poo will come out.

Police are apparently relentless too - at all wanted levels. Oh, and straying into a gang’s territory with police on your tail can lead to interesting results lol.

I seriously can’t wait! I love netrunning, now I can be the netrunning demon everyone fears!

mriormro, avatar

The game has been out for three years. What is there to spoil?


I’m referring to the spoilers for the changes incoming in update 2.0.

Not everyone likes to read what’s changed and want to experience it first hand. MAXTAC was not in the base game and is a huge part of the consequences of your actions on the street.


Finally coming out of early access!


Now I only need to wait until the game is <= 20 € on disc.

vlad76, avatar

I’m looking forward to playing it again. After BG3. And in between Tarkov. After Starfield. I guess by that point Elden Ring DLC might be out. Also need to play RE4 remaster. . Also didn’t a Harry Potter game come out recently? Also Atomic Heart had a DLC. Still need to try Hell Let Loose…

Maybe one day.




Ya I’ll probably bump it up ahead on the list because I loved the game so much. But I know what you mean, I’m way behind on games. I just beat the FF7 Remake and am in the middle of Horizon Zero Dawn (ya, the first one).


You forgot about armoured core 6. Which, you just must play, especially with that backlog.


You forgot about armoured core 6. Which, you just must play, especially with that backlog.

I suck at souls games but I like robots. Should I still give it a try?


Yes, its not a souls game anyways, just a hard mech game. Which is kinda the staple for mech games.

Also though you can suck at soul like games but still enjoy them. Honestly the first step into getting good is figuring out which type of cheese you prefer. Ive always been partial to big sticks turning enemies into pancakes. It works on most games that are similar. Havent found a weapon to do so in lie of p yet, but thats a good thing for me since it changed my play style.




Harry Potter and Starfield ain’t worth your time mate

vlad76, avatar

Harry Potter probably not. But I’ll try Starfield.

samus12345, avatar

If you’re a fan, I’d say the beginning when you’re in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade is worth playing. But as soon as the plot takes you south, just stop playing.

Starfield is…a Bethesda game, no doubt about that. You’ll probably like it okay if you like their games, just don’t expect to be impressed or anything like that.

vlad76, avatar

Bethesda games are a skeleton for mods for me, so I’ll pick it up after the modding scene matures.

samus12345, avatar

If someone has the time and resources, they could make a really good game out of it.

rip_art_bell, avatar

BG3 is amazing


I have waited till the release to play it. It’s still in its wrap. Is now the definitive moment finally? Do I get the DLC right now, or is that for later?

Retrograde, avatar


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  • goodhunter,

    I got it for ps4, but rocking a ps5 now. That should be upgradedable if I’m not mistaken


    You should be able to download a free PS5 version when you load it up


    From what I understand you want to play the DLC after you finished the main game


    Doesnt the dlc unlock a new alternative ending?


    Maybe so! I had not heard that. So perhaps the best route is to play through a second time, with the update 2.0 patch and dlc, and play the dlc storyline after the main story has concluded.


    I’ve heard this as well from a German game magazine reporting

    gaylord_fartmaster, (edited )

    So you bought the game on release and never played it because it turned out to be a broken unfinished mess, and now, without having played it again, you’re asking if you should dump even more money into it?

    Come on dude.


    If it’s good, then yes.


    is this the average consumer?


    The downvotes, the jokes, I find it immature. Seems like lemmy turned out to be to have become toxic with the Reddit refugees.

    Look, I’m looking forward on playing the game ever since release. I still respect cd project for what they have done with Witcher 3. I simply waited to play the game as my time is sparse nowadays and I have to chose consciously how I spent it. If the game gives me dozens of hours of a great time, I see no problem in spending the cash.

    samus12345, avatar
    theneverfox, avatar

    I think it’s a different story - I’d play the base game first


    On steam will the update automatically install? I am finally like 90% done with the main sorry line and I would rather finish it as is before starting over to do all the side quests.


    I don't know jack about squat, but maybe there's a way to turn off automatic updates.

    Lileath, avatar

    Afaik it is impossible to not update the game automatically if you have internet. But it could be that it will be possible to downgrade the game to an earlier version although that depends on the dev making this function available.


    GOG allows you to play rolled back versions of a game, through the launcher. I don’t believe steam has that capability.

    Lileath, avatar

    On Steam rollbacks are possible with the ‘betas’ feature, but few developers use them. Total War: Warhammer 3 allows rollbacks after bigger updates because those typically break older saves. The option to roll back is hidden in the properties option.

    theneverfox, avatar

    It does, you just have to go into the game properties menu and there’s a version option

    Lenny, (edited )

    Seems like you’d have to jump through hoops to avoid updating and continuing to play it while connected to Steam normally. #1 you should go into the Properties of the game and set it to not automatically update. But that won’t fix your issue, as it will trigger the update when you attempt to launch it. Also set it to not allow updates while playing the game, just in case.

    Some games you can go into the steam directory and launch the .exe yourself, and that might work. There’s also Steam Offline Mode, but you may want to set it up today before the update drops and test how it works (I’ve never used it). Maybe you’ll have luck disconnecting from the internet before launching the game after the update is available. If you’re not able to completely disconnect your machine for whatever reason, you can get a program like NetLimiter and block the steam applications from accessing the internet temporarily.


    Chailles, (edited ) avatar

    If you find the appmanifest file for the game (it’s in the steamapps folder where your games are installed) and set it to read-only, Steam can’t update the game. I think it’s based on the appid so the file should be called appmanifest_1091500.acf. You can open it up like a textfile where it’ll have the name of the game inside if you wanted to make sure.


    As they've rearranged and completely changed lots of the controls and menus, I'll need to start a new campaign just to learn to play it.

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