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Lightfire228, in Nintendo Switch hacked to run Windows 11 on Arm, and it's just about as awful as you can imagine

The thumbnail is a shot of kde plasma, not w11

penquin, in Nintendo Switch hacked to run Windows 11 on Arm, and it's just about as awful as you can imagine

Windows 11 lags like shit on a laptop with an Intel i7 and an Nvidia mx130. Nintendo switch is basically the weakest handheld device on the market.


For context the nintendo switch uses the nvida tega x1 processor. Which has also been shiped on the nvidia shield. So for context the gaming console is using the equivent processor. FOR A ANDROID STREAMING BOX

for more details


The switch has the worst graphics I’ve seen on a handheld. My kid has it and the games look like trash compared to my ps4, pc and even the steam deck.

R00bot, avatar

This is a crazy thing to say about a 7 year old handheld lmfaooooo


Exactly, it’s 7 years old, so my argument stands. The switch is trash because it is very old and has weak graphics.


Ah yes, because graphics is the only thing that defines how good games are


Nintendo never hid this. The specs showed a Tegra X1 when Switch was released. It was always public knowledge that Switch is an Ouya with an ecosystem and released games.

None of your post is new but it’s like you want to drum up outrage that a company used easily available hardware that didn’t require custom hardware like Playstation or Xbox (which SHARE nearly identical AMD chipsets!)

Why get mad at the hardware choice for an 8 year old console?

BowserBasher, in Nintendo Switch Units Sold 139.36 million worldwide (as of December 31, 2023)

It shows how bad the WiiU failed when its software numbers are lower than the hardware numbers for the Switch.

nudnyekscentryk, avatar

You mean the other way round? Wii U hardware being lower than Switch software

FlihpFlorp, in In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, how do I see my starred courses?

If by started courses you mean for getting all first gives you 3 stars that’s hovering over the CC and looking at the cups

If it’s replays if memory serves there’ll be an MKTV button on the bottom of the main menu

Thavron, avatar

Nah, at the end of a race you can star (favorite) a course with Y. Haven’t seen the use in it yet.

nudnyekscentryk, avatar

Didn’t play the Switch version, but on Wii U this simply saves the replay of the race

Kxtells, in Sep 14 - Nintendo Direct MegaThread - All Announcements, with Youtube Links and Release Dates!

Since nobody said it… trombone champ looks very silly and fun. :-D

slimerancher, avatar

It does!

Not really a game for me, but it does look very silly and fun.

morphballganon, in Anyone else get burn-in playing F-Zero99?

I thought only old plasmas did that?

Jabbawacky, (edited )

No - this is image retention, not burn in. Can happen with flashing objects such as the map in F Zero Advance if you emulate it on a display without adaptive blur.

It will fade in time.

lauha, in What are you playing this weekend? 2023-09-16

Horizon: Forbidden West in swedish in story mode for casual play.

slimerancher, avatar

I still haven’t played it. How are you liking compared it to Zero Dawn?


I like it more than zero dawn.

Dougas, in What are you playing this weekend? 2023-09-16

Pokémon, I am gonna start the DLC as well as do some Mewtwo raid.

slimerancher, avatar

Gotta catch 'em all!

Good luck!

Dougas, (edited ) in Sep 14 - Nintendo Direct MegaThread - All Announcements, with Youtube Links and Release Dates!

Mario fans, me included, been eating good this direct. If only we’ll ever get a permanent release of mario 35, that would be the happiest day for me.

Also this rpgs look interesting. I’ll keep an eye out for them.

The splatoon dlc looks promising as well. Can’t wait for it.

dual_sport_dork, (edited ) in Anyone else get burn-in playing F-Zero99? avatar

Guessing your monitor has an IPS panel?

Persistent ghosting is always a factor on IPS displays, although your example looks a little pronounced than most. I have a Thinkpad with an IPS display and its ghosting is atrocious with specific color combinations: Dark greens and vibrant purples, if left static on the screen for a while. It should not be permanent, and causes no harm other than irritating you. I can get my screen to show slowly fading remnants of an image for upwards of 3 or 4 minutes, if I try hard enough. It gets more pronounced when the panel is hot.

I suspect this game happened to find the sweet (or sour) spot in the combination of foreground and background in the color gamut where image persistence is most noticeable on your particular panel. It should go away on its own after a few minutes, especially if you display something constantly changing with a wide luminosity variance (like a video) in that spot.


Since you can change the color of your car in the game and the car is burned it it would be probably best to change it to a color thst burned in less.

GhostOfElectricity, avatar

I’ve been using a black vehicle. Maybe I should switch to a lighter color. Maybe this is punishment for showing off ¯_ (ツ) _/¯

GhostOfElectricity, (edited ) avatar

Yep, it’s an IPS monitor. I think your comment is right on the money. I noticed it starting to fade shortly after I posted. I’m just surprised how quickly it happened. I’ve had UI elements static on screen for hours with nothing noticeable. I suspect it has to do with the way the vehicles “vibrate” in this game. The constant switching on and off of that part of the display could have made it happen faster.


I have IPS panels on my PC and it got into a shitty sleep/wake loop when I was away (I fucking blame discord!) and as it was going to sleep it had some distorted pixels right in the middle of the screen that persisted across reboot. I thought I had fried my GOU somehow; good to know IPS panels can behave this way

Zoldyck, in Anyone else get burn-in playing F-Zero99?

Few hours game-time here and no burn in at all.

LazyBane, in Sep 14 - Nintendo Direct MegaThread - All Announcements, with Youtube Links and Release Dates!

F-Zero 99 is so much fun.

FollyDolly, in What are you playing this weekend? 2023-09-16 avatar

I picked up Skyrim anniversary edition and have been enjoying the new content. I don’t really have the energy right now to pick up a new game, so for now it’s time to yell at dragons!

slimerancher, avatar

Have you created any specific build? For subsequent plays of Bethesda games, I go with a specific build, like archer assassin. 😁

Callie, in What are you playing this weekend? 2023-09-16 avatar

currently going back through Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door, haven’t played it since I was a kid and never finished it

slimerancher, avatar

Are you going to play the remake?

I just started the first Paper Mario (N64 one, on NSO), and I am enjoying it a lot.

Callie, avatar

Remake doesn’t come out until next year, I’m playing through the game on an emulator currently

slimerancher, avatar

Yeah, I was just wondering if you are interested in the remake, as they didn’t mention any changes, so it’s going to be the same game just prettier.

Callie, (edited ) avatar

Oh I’m, sorry I misread the original comment >w<

Yeah, I’m still going to play the remake when it comes out even if it’s the exact same game, cause having and HD and wide screen version I can play on the go would be fantastic. but also just playing in bed would be a lot more comfortable than sitting at a desk to play

heyfluxay, in DAVE THE DIVER for Switch launches October 26 (Demo out now) avatar

Just started playing on Steam and then of course it comes to switch….

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