The thumbnail is a shot of kde plasma, not w11


Windows 11 lags like shit on a laptop with an Intel i7 and an Nvidia mx130. Nintendo switch is basically the weakest handheld device on the market.


For context the nintendo switch uses the nvida tega x1 processor. Which has also been shiped on the nvidia shield. So for context the gaming console is using the equivent processor. FOR A ANDROID STREAMING BOX

for more details


The switch has the worst graphics I’ve seen on a handheld. My kid has it and the games look like trash compared to my ps4, pc and even the steam deck.

R00bot, avatar

This is a crazy thing to say about a 7 year old handheld lmfaooooo


Exactly, it’s 7 years old, so my argument stands. The switch is trash because it is very old and has weak graphics.


Ah yes, because graphics is the only thing that defines how good games are


Nintendo never hid this. The specs showed a Tegra X1 when Switch was released. It was always public knowledge that Switch is an Ouya with an ecosystem and released games.

None of your post is new but it’s like you want to drum up outrage that a company used easily available hardware that didn’t require custom hardware like Playstation or Xbox (which SHARE nearly identical AMD chipsets!)

Why get mad at the hardware choice for an 8 year old console?

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