The next Sims game will be free-to-play with paid DLC (

The next Sims game currently goes under the name Project Rene rather than The Sims 5, but that aside, we know a growing amount about EA Maxis' next social simulation. During today's latest Behind The Sims community update, they shared more, including the news that the next entry in the series would be free-to-play and without...

Ernest needs to quickly delegate or this instance will quickly die (

I appreciate that earnest made a post yesterday, or maybe it was the day before, saying that he is not dead and hasn't given up on kbin. It's not on this magazine, so I'm not sure where it was since this seems to be the most appropriate one, but in any case....

Payday 3 developer drops Denuvo from the game before it's even out (

It's common practice for PC games today to launch with Denuvo, a form of DRM designed to stop the spread of pirated copies of games, and it's also common practice for developers to remove Denuvo several months after launch as interest (and the risk of piracy) dwindles. Less common is a developer publicly announcing it's removing...

Baldur's Gate 3 patch 3 releases today and lets you change your appearance and pronouns (

Baldur's Gate 3's Patch 3, which was so massive Larian held it back a day to test it properly, will release today, and it'll add an RPG feature many of us have been requesting since we stepped clear of the Nautiloid - the ability to change a character's appearance. Alas, it comes too late for the Wood Elf Druid I rolled during...

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