I can imagine the traffic jams anywhere along the path of totality. It’s gonna be a mess. We already booked a place in the path, but it’s in the sticks and I’m not looking forward to the lengthy drive back to civilization.


I actually looked up when the next total eclipse passes over my house, and the good news is I’ve only got to live to be about 170 years old.


Y’all, the article is obviously written for people in the path of totality. You’re not being clever complaining about the cost and hassle of traveling.


Nuhuh. I tried planning a trip a month ago and everything was sold out and airfare was astronomical. I’m gonna plan a trip for the Spanish one in 2026 a year early


Low effort if you live in that little strip I guess


That’s how it was for me in 2017. The path of totality went right over my house. I took the day off and strolled out to my back yard to watch it. We also smoked some meat and invited people over for a party, which was the most effort in the whole situation.


No, it’s really hard to go to America.


It’ll be interesting to see just how little this is in the national news given the location of the path compared to times when the path of an eclipse has gone through major metropolitan areas in the northeast or west coast. Almost an indirect measurement of science education in each area. I didn’t even know there was an eclipse coming until this article.

Or maybe I’ll be proven wrong…


That sounds more like a normal population density representation. Everyone hears about CA or NY news because they have more significant national and global impacts, through number of affected people and volume of business. News about the state of Arkansas is less visible since it has less population than any of the major cities in the aforementioned states.

Despite that, I’ve seen plenty of coverage specifically because, compared to the 2017 American total solar eclipse, this one is more accessible to a vastly greater population: namely DFW TX and NYC. NYC has a longer drive, but the northeast is an incredibly dense portion of the country.


The effort: getting a Visa, booking flights and hotels, taking a few days off work.


You don’t need a visa for Canada, Brudi.


I’m from Europe, but in Montreal for work by chance. Very excited that it lines up with this event.


Except of course, when it’s cloudy. The only eclipse that ever happened where I lived in my lifetime was a total disappointment because you couldn’t see anything.


You could see the bottom of the clouds


How the heck am I going to get there without putting in any effort?


Niagra falls City has preemptively declared a state of emergency because of how much of a shit show this eclipse is going to be

Graphy, (edited )

My wife works for the NPS and her old coworker invited us to help out with their eclipse event in Ohio. Apparently they’re already prepping to close all the parking lots and are real worried they won’t have enough rangers.


Wanted to but the flight prices were too much

reddthat, avatar

Make sure you cross post to !solareclipse ( ). We can’t wait!


I live in the path of totality and I’m already tired of hearing about it.


Agreed. I’m not looking forward to it either. I’ll be at work, most people are probably going to call in, and there will be hours of traffic when get off.


Best chance I’ll ever have personally. Live in the path, work from home, good time. Plan is to just step outside for a bit, look at it (with protection) then back to work.


Well some effort is required. You can’t just look up at the eclipsed sun with your bare eyes.


I mean there’s that 4 minute widow it’s cool


It will be shorter unless you are in the center of the eclipse path.


Not with that attitude anyway


The last person I saw try to look at an eclipse was some idiot, I can’t remember his name.


During totality you can.


If you want to burn a halo on your eyes, sure.


Noticing a bit of misinformation here so let’s clear this up: take off your eye protection during totality. The corona is so faint you won’t see anything at all through eclipse glasses.


When it’s completely covered you can. I did it in 2017. This is like saying looking at the moon will burn your eyes out.

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