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Beerkeg rocket is a little funny, but RFA’s engine tests have been promising. Looking forward to seeing what they can accomplish.

ESA Publishes Call for Reusable Rocket Booster Concepts (

The Boosters for European Space Transportation (BEST!) initiative is being managed by ESA’s Space Transportation Directorate under its Future Launcher Preparatory Programme (FLPP). According to the initiative’s call, the aim of BEST! is to allow the development of new launcher architectures or the improvement of existing...

Exolaunch Wins €18M DLR Launch Contract (

German space agency DLR has awarded an €18 million launch contract to Berlin-based Exolaunch. DLR awarded the contract on behalf of and with funds from the German Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, and it will see the mission management startup oversee the launch of payloads from winners of the country’s Small...

ESA and EU collaborate on launch initiative (

In a ceremony during the European Space Conference in Brussels Jan. 23, ESA and European Commission officials announced the launch companies that will participate in the European Flight Ticket Initiative. The effort, announced last fall, is intended to stimulate demand for European launch services by allowing them to compete for...

UK Space Agency Launches Challenge to Purify Lunar Water (

The UK Space Agency, in partnership with its Canadian counterpart, has launched the £1.2-million Aqualunar Challenge, which aims to support the development of technology that would enable the extraction of purified water from ice buried beneath the lunar surface....

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