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Oh, the irony! I'm trying to upvote your comment, but keep getting an error.

I signed up here and Lemmy.world (same username), at roughly the same time, and have mostly used this account. Only in the past few days have I been leaning on lemmy.world, and giving some thoughts as to where my new backup might be. I really do appreciate the added benefits of 3rd party apps, but I'm definitely going to keep checking in here, and hoping I'll be back to using this account (almost) exclusively again soon. I don't even use the microblogging side of things here, but I've really enjoyed the vibes of Ernest and the local community.


I almost exclusively browse by hot, so I very rarely see any spam (of course, that's thanks to those of you who browse by new!), but I have another account on lemmy.world, so I got to spend some time yesterday scrolling there and blocking LOTS of communities from my feed. Mostly just stuff in languages I don't know, but still, a different set of "junk" to work on filtering out.

I'm also still very much down with kbin.social, and I don't even use the microblogging features at all. I figure, if I want something polished with minimal downtime, I could always go back to the old places, but I'd rather see/help something better grow.


Are you guys browsing by new? Do you moderate active communities? I'm just curious to understand why we seem to have such different experiences since I only encounter spam once or twice per week, but I definitely spend way too many hours scrolling.

Some noob questions about seedboxes

I apologize in advance because I’m sure these probably feel like some stupid and duplicate questions. However, my attempts to find answers to these online have been met with answers that are sparse, oftentimes old (8+ years), and conflicting. I am looking into getting a seedbox. I decided to go with Whatbox because they seem...


I'm definitely not an expert, but I've been using Whatbox for many years without any issues. I'm based in the US and have it set up to autocharge the same card that I use for everything else. I do not use a VPN or anything else to access Whatbox.

I have received plenty of DMCA notices from Whatbox over the years, and they just require you to delete the offending content within 24 hours or your account will be locked until you do.

In fact, I vaguely recall them increasing my storage allowance a few years ago without raising my rate, so that was pretty cool.


I've never actually tested that out. If it's content I want long term, I simply download it to my local storage before deleting from Whatbox.

What I've found works best for me when using public trackers for new content is to set up a max seeding ratio and whatever relevant *arrs. Doing it that way means that I've usually been able to download the content and stop seeding before the swarm is discovered/monitored by those sending the notices.

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