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Hasbro is probably gambling that it’s the IP that made the money, and not Larian being magic in a bottle as a developer

This is probably true, but how can executives be so stupid? Every review I read praised Larian specifically and how the made a huge game with no microtransactions and tons of little loving touches. You have to be willfully ignorant to think it was the IP and not the developer and their work that people were responding to.

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As long as there are multiple communities for the same topic, users are going to post the same links to multiple communities. The software has to handle it better. I submitted a proposal to solve it, but one of the lemmy devs have said explicitly that they won't implement it and they don't think duplicate posts are an issue.

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But have they? I’m not qualified to say. I don’t have any actual data in front of me.

The question was do video games improve your life. I would argue you are the only person who can answer that question. This isn't really a scientific question because its purely subjective. You'd need to narrow it down and define some criteria before you could try implementing a study for it.

If video games really were an unqualified good

I don't think any sensible person would try to argue that. Nothing is an unqualified good. Watching 150 hours of tv would be just as bad as spending that time playing video games (video games would probably be better because at least you're getting more brain stimulation). You can form unhealthy habits with anything. Video games are like any other hobby; you have to balance them with other hobbies/responsibilities. It's good to know exactly what effects certain things like video games can have on your mind and body, but I don't think its that useful to compare time spent with one hobby/responsibility to time spent with some other hobby/responsibility. And it always seems like only certain things are compared like that. People rarely ask if watching tv is good for their health, even if they do it more than you or I play video games. Why would playing guitar be better than playing a video game? What makes video games the lowest value hobby? (sorry this got kinda ranty. This sparked a lot of things in me i guess)

I am suggesting that “gamers say gaming is good for them, actually” does not provide useful data for analysis or discussion.

100% This article was a waste of time. I'm not disagreeing on that. Your comment gave me more to think about than that article.

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I agree that this is ridiculous. But I think the issue is that the "middle men" are the retail stores that are used to doing retail things like lowering the price of older goods. Digital storefronts don't have anybody going over "inventory" and checking if it needs to be marked down. And corporations being corporations, they don't care about this oversight. Why spend time/money on lowering the amount of money they'll make?

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I don't know anything about the market, but I was really in to Overwatch for a while. It went downhill when they basically abandoned the first game and then came out with a second to flip the business model to battle pass bs.

I'd be down for something new to fill its spot and this looks like it could be it

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Pleroma still doesn't have a wikipedia article because of this, despite being one of the oldest AP-enabled fediverse services. It's been deleted twice because some moderator didn't like the quality or number of sources.

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