livus, avatar

@FfaerieOxide me too. I like it, I love the platform, I don't have an issue with the outages, and I like the way Ernest understands the fediverse.

If there's an outage fine, I just go to another fediverse account til comes back. We all have other things in our life, sometimes projects have to take a back seat.

Also I have a lot of sympathy for Ernest wanting to retain control. It's his vision, let's let him do it his way.

Edit: the spam seems to be on mags that have Ernest as sole mod, so that might be an easy fix.

FfaerieOxide, avatar

Say, did you take over The 13th Floor from Arotrios, speaking of projects taking back seats?

livus, avatar

@FfaerieOxide yes! Well not officially, but after Arotrios had been gone a long time I applied to mod it, mainly as a sort of caretaker/safe pair of hands so that Arotrios will definitely get it back if he returns.

I don't know why/where Arotrios went. I kind of thought he'd be back by now.


One day is annoying, but bearable. much longer and I won't have a choice but switch. I like kbin, but the mbin team says some things that I find concerning about kbin - I wish the two could patch up their differences.

FfaerieOxide, avatar

I couldn't find any decent k/m bin instances when I was looking during the most recent outage.

olorin99, avatar

I'm curious what counts as a decent instance for you?

FfaerieOxide, avatar

I'm curious what counts as a decent instance for you?

Open signups, non-US servers, GDPR-compliant, file uploads, local magazines among other attributes.

Also if you visit an instance and it appears that whoever runs it never even conceived you might not be viewing it from a phone, that's a turn off.

wagesj45, avatar

the mbin team says some things that I find concerning about kbin

What are they saying?


kbin doesn't accept contributions. It is a one person project despit appearing to be community driven.

I don't know what is true but that is a concerning accusation.


The project definitely accepts contributions, the mbin devs have contributed to kbin before and a few weeks ago a minor code change was committed and merged by someone other than ernest.

As I understand it, the issue is that people with merge permissions other than ernest are only allowed to merge their own pull requests, not those of third parties, which require a review from ernest.
(At least that's what I've seen explained before, though I haven't seen any proof of it so I don't fully know if it's real.)

This means a majority of contributors can't get their pull requests merged when ernest is gone. Which is why they went and made mbin when he was gone for months last time.


I almost exclusively browse by hot, so I very rarely see any spam (of course, that's thanks to those of you who browse by new!), but I have another account on, so I got to spend some time yesterday scrolling there and blocking LOTS of communities from my feed. Mostly just stuff in languages I don't know, but still, a different set of "junk" to work on filtering out.

I'm also still very much down with, and I don't even use the microblogging features at all. I figure, if I want something polished with minimal downtime, I could always go back to the old places, but I'd rather see/help something better grow.


Well I'll tell ya that I am a big fan of kbin but I am posting this from an mbin instance because this has been going on for a looooong time now.

Hope for the best while you prepare for the worst.

FfaerieOxide, avatar

I am a big fan of kbin but I am posting this from an mbin instance

And good luck to your instance. I wouldn't feel as comfortable uploading anything to US servers myself, and I didn't find any words similar to the following (from your instance) on

We may use the information that you provide to us, and any other information of yours that is associated with, or related to, the Web Site, including but not limited to your IP address, email address, content of posts, content of private messages, and use of the Web Site, for our internal business and we may disclose the information to law enforcement personnel, governmental agencies, legal counsel and/or third parties at any time and for any purpose.


I'm not saying anything negative about kbin, and I still have and use a kbin account. I'm just saying that it's hard to post anything from an error page.

I appreciate the info though, I am experimenting with different instances so that's good to know.

livus, avatar

@FfaerieOxide good catch. Wtf.

8BitFriendly, avatar

Where exactly did you find this?
I checked out but I couldn't find this statement.

FfaerieOxide, avatar

Where exactly did you find this?
I checked out but I couldn't find this statement.

Section 11.

User information under Terms Of Service

8BitFriendly, avatar

Thanks, found it!

_haha_oh_wow_, avatar

I like Kbin too. I also like Lemmy. They are both good if you ask me.

FfaerieOxide, avatar

I also like Lemmy.

Lemmy hasn't grabbed me yet like kbin has. Is mastodon as integrated with lemmy as it is with kbin?

Apparently you can't say fag on which could cause some problems with some of the magazines I mod here. Also I'm left with negative feelings from not federating images and posts I reply to .world threads from .social.

-mygrad is right out because I do not believe making common cause with the allies of people who want my friends dead is "...of a progressive character".

.ml has similar issues to the above two I have no issue with but I just don't want that to be my home instance. I actually have been trying to break their monopoly on 196 for a while now

Beehaw is fine but they're always talking about defederating so that basket seems unfit to slip my eggs into.

exploding heads is a shit instance for fascists—and this is no slight toward or reflection on present company—seems like that place for people who complain about "censorship" and "echo chambers" when they get asked to leave a dunkin doughnuts for sig heiling on the counter while making a hitler 'stache out of a cruller. Again not you, I am sure you are lovely, but when someone complains they can't be transphobic and their account is more than 3 weeks old, odds are good "" is trailing their handle.

originalucifer, avatar

i donate financially to kbin, and i dont use it other than as a remote, federating platform. the outage means nothing to me personally.

still would be nice to get a little administrative communication on a system designed for.. ya know, communication.

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