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Some more Powerwash Simulator. It’s neat, but has two super annoying issues. First is the water jet aiming, which just loves to jump around a bit on its own, because the game thinks there’s something in the way. This is basically only an issue up close, so just moving away a bit helps (although not always possible). Second you get stuck constantly, if the ground isn’t super flat, like on a roof or one of the levels is a skatepark with a bunch of ramps. That one just sucks.

Then I pretty much finished the current content in Slime 3K: Rise against Despot. It’s a Vampire Survivors-like which I usually enjoy, but I’m not really sure about this one. The current Early Access version has 10 levels, that kind of try to have a gimmick or theme, but most of them are the same. They all look the same too. The final level is definitely the most Survivors-type thing. Just tons of fodder enemies, coupled with some stronger elites, with more than enough time to get all the items you want and upgrade them. It’s not like it takes a long time to get there, but if those earlier “gimmick” levels are what the devs aim for in the finished release, I’m not a huge fan.

Next I tried Maniac, which is GTA 1 (or 2), but as a rogue-lite, Survivors-like game. It’s just you, running and driving around a city, causing mayhem to get points and try to survive for 20 minutes until you get nuked. So far, I’ve done a couple of runs and won once, but it’s not really that fun. The upgrades and weapons are also pretty boring. I unlocked a few more characters, which I’ve not yet checked out, so I’ll give it a bit more time. I just hope it’s not just a difference in starting weapon or something.

Finally, I’m really in the mood for a CRPG again, and thought about Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, but I know it’s gonna take me like two months or more to get through, and in a few weeks the new Diablo 4 season will start and the World of Warcraft expansion after that, so Pathfinder will have to wait. So I chose another game, that hopefully won’t take as long, Solasta: Crown of the Magister. I played through the tutorial a few months ago and started the game proper earlier today. I’m still at the very beginning, just left the first town, but it’s a turn-based CRPG I guess.

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Leveled a few more characters in World of Warcraft. Since I’ve been basically just playing Horde for over 15 years, with only a few exceptions here and there, I’m now basically filling out my character roster with their Alliance counterparts. Since more and more stuff is cross-faction nowadays, this doesn’t really matter too much anymore, but it still gives me an excuse to level new characters with the objectively best race, dwarves.

I bought a few smaller games in the Steam sale, first RollScape. It’s a puzzle game where you roll a die to put down tiles, which give you points, and you try to get as much as possible. Modifiers increase this exponentially, so you just get more and more. It was alright for a couple of hours, but also a bit too boring and frustrating at times.

Then God of Weapons, which is basically Brotato, except you get to play Inventory-Tetris between rounds to manage your items. The inventory system is a neat gimmick, but otherwise the game doesn’t really a lot of new things. Runs can also be a bit too long for my tastes, with half of the time spent swapping items in and out, trying to fit some weird shaped item into your inventory.

I’ve only just started Slime 3K: Rise against Despot, another Vampire Survivors-like, but it’s not making a good impression so far. The game looks great, I love the pixelart design of the slime, but right now, the gameplay isn’t really doing it for me. It’s mainly the weapons, they just feel super weak and not really impactful in any way. In this game, leveling up spawns a vending machine, which you can collect and then get to buy items. These items come from a deck, that you can modify between runs, so can remove stuff you don’t like or if you want to focus on specific types items, i.e. just guns or summoning. I’ll give it a bit more time, maybe some later unlocks improve things.

Lastly is Powerwash Simulator. Seems like just a fun, brain-off type game, where I can blast dirt off of stuff, while watching streams on the side. Except that Lichen can bite me. Bullshit, basically invisible, but still count as dirty. Screw you. (Edit: Didn’t know about that button to highlight dirt, which makes it much more manageable).

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Finally managed to kick my current World of Warcraft addiction, or at least massively cut my time with the Remix mode. I did level a new character yesterday, just to get them to max level, but that was pretty much it. There are a few more I plan to level, but I’ll take my time with those, maybe one a week. XP needed for max level is supposed to be slashed soon, because of the new expansion, so the already short level time should be even shorter.

I’m also done with the Diablo 4 season. I didn’t enjoy playing Minion Necromancer at all, and couldn’t be bothered to grind for a different build. Just like the last few times, I finished the Season Journey, and killed one of the new giga versions of the bosses (Tormented Duriel), although I needed help with that. The next season is supposed to start soon-ish (4-5 weeks or something), so I’ll take a break until then and hopefully choose something I enjoy more.

Went back to Dave the Diver, did just one dive, but didn’t really feel it. My extended break with the game really killed my enthusiasm. I might try again here or there, but who knows. There are so many other games I want to try, this might just be it for Dave.

Started Crab Champions, a roguelike shooter, based on the Crab Rave song (I guess). It’s in Early Access, fun for a couple of hours, but lacks variety, so it can get boring relatively quickly. I’ll wait for some more updates or the full release. This game also has multiplayer, so I gotta convince some of my friends to get it, since that’s always more fun.

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Once again, I played far too much World of Warcraft Remix this week. I do have three more maxed characters now though and all achievements for the mode. I found Frost Mage to be surprisingly fun, after I totally hated it (my old main) and completely abandoned magic DPS altogether at the beginning of Shadowlands. This time I’ll definitely take it slower and will try to only play my Druid. It went so well the last two weeks.

Depending on how much I get into the new expansion, The War Within, Balance Druid and Frost Mage are definitely some I’ll consider taking a look, although my Windwalker Monk will most likely stay my main.

Then, more Diablo 4. I’m almost level 90 with my Necromancer, Minion build is still boring, but I’ll keep it at least until level 100, and I’ve checked out more endgame stuff.

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Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! When I was almost done with the Remix mode in World of Warcraft, Blizzard adds a buff, that massively speeds up your power gain (or buying cosmetics, if you’re into that). This makes playing and gearing alts actually not terrible, so now I have to equip a few more chars, just to see how they play with ridiculous stats. My main, a Druid, is pretty much done, and I’d need to do some massive grinding, to see any real increase from this point. I’ll still play the char here and there, because it’s fun, but less than before. I’m currently equipping two other characters, a Warrior and an Evoker, both should take a couple more days, but I don’t think I’ll play them as much as my Druid before. There are a few more classes I want to level, although just to get them to max level, not to really play this mode.

Now I’ll finally get more into the current Diablo 4 season. I just made it to World Tier 3 today on my Necromancer, minion gameplay is still pretty boring, but I’ll wait until I’m closer to max level to decide if I want to switch builds.

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Still blasting through World of Warcraft Remix mode, but it’s slowly losing its grip on me. Playing my main, a druid, is still super fun, since everything just explodes in seconds, but my two alts are kind of boring in comparison. Buying all the cosmetics should take me another week, so after that I might focus more on gearing my other chars. I really hope Blizzard adds something to make gearing alts easier, since I’d really like to give other classes a shot, but I’m not interested in slogging through the slow-ish gearing process for all of them.

I’ve also started playing Diablo 4 again, leveling a Necromancer in season 4. Currently, I’m using a minion build, but it’s pretty boring, since you don’t really do much.

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A lot more World of Warcraft Remix mode for me.

Apart from my “main”, a druid, I’ve now also leveled a priest and warrior to 70. I didn’t enjoy playing the priest at all, and just spent all the event currency once I hit max level and won’t touch that character again. The warrior was actually fine, and I’m still playing a bit here and there at max level. On my druid I’m still clearing all the raids once per day, it’s still generally fun, but I’ve switched to tanking for a change of pace.

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After all the trouble I had with Horizon Forbidden West for a couple of days (endless crashing), it’s been great since then. As if nothing ever happened. So, I’ve just been exploring, killing, and looting.

Then, I also started Dave the Diver. It’s a great game, even better than I thought it would be.

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Man, I couldn’t get into the game at all. I just found it really boring and a chore to play most of the time. This is one of those games, where I don’t get what others see in it at all.

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DD1 already was full of microtransactions, but in the sequel they “ruin” the game? What changed for you?

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Maybe Lies of P or Star Ocean The Second Story R, plus one or two “Survivors-like” (Halls of Torment, Death Must Die).

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I’ve only heard good things and watched a Streamer playing it last year, and I want to play it eventually myself.

While I generally like Souls-like games, I never got into most Fromsoft games, except Elden Ring, so we’ll see how it goes.

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I’m generally having fun with Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, but unlocking and upgrading all the weapons is a huge chore. Also, every time I’m finally blasting my way through all the bugs, the run is basically over, so I wish there was an extended or even endless mode, so I can just mow down everything for a while.

Then I played some more Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, tried out a few different builds, but nothing really stuck with me. I’ll give it a bit more time, but I might take another break soon.

Finally, I picked up Dyson Sphere Program again. I’m still really early, and the beginning in these types of games is always a bit slow for me, so it takes me some time to really get into it. However, if I get over this hump, I’m usually really addicted for a while, so let’s see how it goes this time.

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It also stinks that the first PC version will almost certainly end up being on Epic before steam.

Square is super inconsistent with this stuff, that it’s pretty hard to tell what’s going to be an Epic Exclusive and what’s not. I do hope there’s not going to be a second exclusivity period, before it’s coming to Steam though.

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Just wish it would also pick up gold for me lol.

It’s weird that D4 doesn’t have this yet. Not just talking about the season companion, but in general. Maybe they’re still trying to be a more serious game, and having a tiny Butcher running behind you would be too silly. In a few seasons, once they put the Horadric Hamburger in the shop, they’ll hopefully also add vanity pets.

I just want my SC2 Probe, dammit.

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The Trails series (Trails in the Sky and Cold Steel).

Some of the worst villains ever, and you’re constantly getting blue balled. The series keeps introducing new characters, that don’t matter, and just drag things out for hundreds and hundreds of hours.

Zero and Azure are great though, until they connect back to the main story at the end.

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