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Just think about how this works.

Steam currently allows you to generate keys and sell them for free, only stipulating that they must be sold for the same price as on steam.

Let’s say they are told that stipulation can’t be enforced.

Valve, will probably go with 1 of 2 options.

1 - you can no longer generate keys. So all the great key sites(GMG, Fanatical and so on) no longer exist, because no steam keys.

2 - Valve charge an upfront fee for keys generated. Now smaller pmdevs and publishers can no longer supply keys to sites, because they can’t afford the upfront costs.

What incentive does valve have to continue offering this free service? If it can be exploited for the detriment of steam, they will stop providing it.

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This analogy is so bad, it is not even close to what is happening.

I will try and adapt to cars for you(I dont know why), but this is just really really bad.

Say you have designed a car, you can produce them on a very small scale, but you have come to valve(they make cars now) to mass produce. They do so, for a 30% cut(that reduces the more they sell) for everything they sell from their direct sales at the price you have set. There is no material costs or labour costs, just that cut of the price you have set.

Now valve have a sales page and are selling, and you decide that actually I would like more people to see the car, and so you consider selling it at other dealers. Valve says, sure, you can even have the cars for free from us(no 30% cut) and you can have basically an unlimited supply of free fully built cars to sell else where. We only ask that you sell the car at the same price you have set with us if you are selling a car we made.

You want to go sell it new cheaper? You are more than welcome too, but you cant sell the car we produced.

Such a bad analogy, but that is closer to what is actually happening.

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I feel like neither of you have played it with your description.

For those that havent played -

The game has 4 types of currency, Medals, Requisition Slips, Samples and Super Credits. Medals, Requisition and Samples are only rewarded through playing the game(Either for completeing missions, or found in missions).

Super Credits can be bought with real money, but can also be found in mission.

You unlock Strategems with Requisition Slips and upgrade them(Ship Upgrades) with the Samples.

You then have “War Bonds” which are where you unlock the rest of the gear(Weapons, Armour, Boosts and more). This is where you use Medals. The War bonds are most equivilant to a Battlepass, but they are not timed and do not disappear so even if you come to the game a year later you will be able to buy and unlock everything on the very first one. The game shipped with the basic war bond that everyone had, and the first premium war bond, this is 1000 Super Credits to unlock, then you use Medals to unlock items with in it.

As for other micro transactions, there is a “Super Store” that has 4 items in it that rotate ever few days(I cant remember the time it is 2 or 3 days), that has surprisingly cheap items especially compared to what other companies are doing. They are not just purely cosmetic though, but they do not really offer anything you can not already unlock through the warbonds. Armour has different classes(Light Medium Heavy), and they have a different bonus(More Stims, More Grenades, throw grenades further) and so you might find a combination that you can not get on a warbond that you want(Light Armour with more range on grenades for example). I don’t know if I would class it as P2W, no bonus is overpowered or game changing, but it is definitely not just cosmetic.

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So for fighting games, character passes are a good thing(overall).

If you bought SF4 at launch and continued to play the game throughout it’s life, you ended up buying the same game multiple times. This was essentially a few characters and a balance patch(had new mechanics as well). This the fragmented the player base a lot, so if you were playing the base game you couldn’t play with someone on the latest version.

Street Fighter 5 however, switched to character passes and even being able to unlock characters with in-game currency(difficult if you came to the game later but possible). This means everyone got the balance patches and major system updates, so the player base stayed as a single entity.

For a niche genre, this is significantly better than multiple purchases of the same game, and allows for a game to get more updates over a longer time.

However I do wish they kept in more unlockable content like costumes, colours and stages.

Specific to Street Fighter 6 though, they have a battlepass(which is not good, but isn’t terrible either) which the free version gave/gives out a bunch of character rental tokens, so you can play with DLC characters you haven’t purchased.

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Still playing Street Fighter 6 pretty much everyday. Looking at who to try and get Master rank with next.

Learning Tekken 8, but complete scrub at 3D fighters so taking it slow and trying out a bunch of people.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is my current non fighting game time sink as well. Absolutely loving the game, the quality of the combat and character variety is fantastic. Although definitely would have enjoyed more variety in the end game.

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So, like you I don’t enjoy most competitive games. I like to dabble occasionally and enjoy an FPS here or there(I enjoyed the Finals for a bit, and occasionally a CoD, last one was Modern Warfare), but mostly play single player or co-op games because I find them far more enjoyable.

There is one genre that is an exception, fighting games. I fucking love them. I used to enjoy them as a kid, then had a long hiatus, dabbled when Street Fighter 4 launched, but didn’t “git gud”. Then Dragonball Fighter Z and the Arcade Edition for Street Fighter 5 launched and I think they were the gateway drug for me. Street Fighter 5 was tough, I couldn’t find a character I liked, so kinda bounced off it, but DBFZ kept me in. It wasn’t until Blanka in SF5 came out that it all clicked for me.

The genre starts of like a little puddle, you don’t really need to know a lot going in, but you definitely need to want to improve. And the more you improve the more you realise how deep the puddle is, cause it is actually an ocean. When you play against another human, at the lower ranks it is quite random and spammy. But as you get past them, you get to where you can condition people, you can learn their habits and combo choices. Then you take that knowledge and adjust your gameplay and see if they can counter it, and it can be come a big back and forth of trying to get the other person to make a mistake and exploiting their habits.

It is also a genre where nothing else really transfers across. All that time in FPS or RTS games isn’t going to help, so learning to do the technical inputs can be rewarding, or labbing out a combo and how to implement it in your gameplay.

I also really enjoy the ranking climb in most fighting games. SF6 has kinda perfected it, you play 10 games and it gives you a placement from Rookie upto Diamond 1, then you match against someone typically within ±1 rank(Gold 1 would be matched with Silver 5, Gold 1 or Gold 2)and rack up points. At the top of the ranking you hit Master, then it turns into Elo points and a proper distribution of skill, cause the difference between a professional and good player that just hit Master is massive. And for SF6 it is done on a per character basis, which allows you to sink time into every character and be playing with people your skill level.

I am 417 hours into SF6, 3 characters at master rank and a few in diamond/platinum. I still feel like I am bad, and I am definitely not using all the systems effectively in the game. But I sure as hell am excited to sink another several thousand hours into this game over the life of it.

Tekken 8 also just came out, which also seems incredible, but 3D fighters are basically an entire new genre to learn.

Fighting Games are fucking cool.

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I am going to respectfully disagree, I think if you have a desire to learn and participate everyone can have fun online in fighting games. Don’t get baited by thinking that you need to learn all these combos and moves and be 100% perfect at doing it all the time. Cause you dont.

The difference between someone just starting and a pro is vast, and will seem daunting and like you need to know a bunch of stuff. But honestly competitve starts out similar to you and a bunch of pals just having fun together.

You are playing the other person, getting reliable damage from a combo is more important to begin with than doing optimal damage. For street fighter(it is what I have the most experience with), you need to know how to anti air to stop people from jumping(this is usually a crouching Heavy Punch, but can be different for some characters). Then throw in a simple combo, can be an easy target combo(or using the modern inputs in SF6) or something as simple as HP > Fireball/Tatsu. And then making sure you know basics like blocking and throws, drive impact and drive parry for street fighter 6.

That seems like a lot, but it is less than the mechanics of most single player games that get thrown out in tutorials, and the rest of the knowledge will come with time and practice. Say you come across someone who just cleanly wipes the floor with you, you can look at the replay and see if there is a gap, or learn the timings, or if it is unsafe if you just kept blocking. But that won’t be something you have to worry about for a while. You will spend a lot of time figuring out how to handle people randomly throwing out DP or Drive Impact or who just won’t stop jumping.

Many players have become "patient gamers". What are games people might miss out on by waiting for sales?

Sales follow the tradition of supply and demand. Products come out at their highest price because of expectations and hype. Then, as interest wanes, the publisher continues to make some sales by reducing price to tempt the less interested parties....

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I mostly agree, but I feel like Street Fighter 6(Going to throw Tekken 7/8 out as an option as well) has a good enough ranking system that you will be able to get people around your skill level years down the line. I didnt jump on Street Fighter 5 till Arcade Edition released, and never had an issue with learning and getting matches in Ranked, and I feel like that will be the same for SF6.

You will have to catch up with knowledge of characters, but I feel lower ranks are much easier in that regard.

However, the Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub is merciless and full of Master ranked players, and that is where turning up late is going to be painful and soul crushing(and I will be one of those people contributing to that).

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I finished up Moss Book 2, love it. I wish there were more VR games like this. Absolutely recommend Moss and Moss Book 2 if you are looking for something a little different. But be warned they are only around 4 - 5 hours long.

I just picked up Immortals Fenyx Rising which was 90% off on Steam. I really enjoyed the base game and looking forward to replaying and also diving into the DLC.

Street Fighter 6 is still my daily game, playing Blanka and just rolled into Diamond 5. I am also really happy that the Spy X Family collab event is not a complete rip off and is just 1000 drive tickets(looking at you TMNT event).

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I don think it is that minor. I think even in the screen shots on the op, the “smoothing” is really obvious. There are 2 things to really look at Snake is just not as crisp, but I do think the wall textures benefit from the blur. But the biggest draw back is if you look at it as if you were playing. You aren’t looking at snake but at the enemy and he is really blurred in comparison, he looks almost like he is out of focus.

I think overall that is pretty bad, absolutely everything is smoothed by this filter, and it affects things in good and bad ways. The mini map, “distant” enemies, the smearing on snake are all bad examples. But I do think the environment benefits slightly from it, the walls near snake, looking through the windows in the background.

I personally would not turn it on.

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Favourites, not really ordered

  • Street Fighter 6 - Really really good fighting game, definitely a recommend if you want to play one.
  • Baldurs Gate 3 - It is BG3, what more needs to be said?
  • Octopath Traveler 2 - It is more of the first, but more refined and better at tying the characters together.
  • Dead Space Remake - If you like the original, you should really play this, it is incredible.
  • Remnant 2 - Great game, a good refinement of the first remnant, and fantastic in co-op.
  • Last Epoch - I really like the leveling systems(Character and also Skills). Not perfect, but fun and chaotic.
  • Crab Champions - Crab goes BRRR. Not many games I go out of my way to 100% but this games feels incredible to play.
  • Spiderman & Miles Morales - Finally pick up on the cheap, if you enjoy the Batman Arkham formula, these two are fantastic. Miles Morales definitely feels like a large DLC though.
  • Driftwood - Longboarding Sloth, super chilled out and relaxing. Just enjoy carving down the hills on sticks of butter.
  • Lumines - The best game on the PSP, and still love it(picked up for cheap with Tetris, but prefer Lumines)

The not so good.

  • Ghost Runner 2 - I want to like this more, I loved the first game, but the wide open levels and bike traversal just don’t feel good or fun.
  • Diablo 4 - Play Last Epoch instead, D4 feels boring and bland and uninspired after finishing the story.
  • Blasphemous - Didnt click with me, the combat felt good and the movement was good, but never stuck with it, will probably try again at some point.
  • Hyper Light Drifter - I have tried a few times, and I keep bouncing off it.
  • Ori and the Blind Forest - I also want to like this game, but bounced off it again.

While Street Fighter 6 is my Favourite game of the the year, Baldurs Gate 3 is definitely the GOTY. I would strongly recommend any game from the favourites list. I haven’t played any really bad games this year, Diablo 4 is probably the worst I have played, do not recommend it. Unlike the other games which I would be tempted to suggest under certain circumstances.

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I will give it a try, pretty sure it is in the steam library, but probably be a couple months til I get round to it now (Granblue is being an absolute blast).

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Still playing Street Fighter 6 pretty much every day. Still absolutely loving it.

Spider-Man Remastered, going through on Ng+ and ultimate difficulty to 100%, having just 100% Miles Morales. Those games have really clicked with me and makes me want to play the Arkham games again.

The Finals, have really enjoyed the betas and the full release being shadow dropped was a nice surprise. Definitely going to have more time when Spider-Man is done.

Next on the list to play is Sea of Stars, and Granblue Vs Rising.

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I would be surprised if this doesnt take it overal this year.

It is my 2nd favourite game of the year, but I am very biased towards fighting games and Street Fighter 6 is so damn good.

There have been just way to many great games this year, and honestly dont have enough time(or money) to get through them all.

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Still on the Street Fighter 6 grind, just picked up another character, Luke. What a dumb stong tool set, placed into Diamond for ranked which is my highest by far(usually into mid plat).

And then finishing up Cyberpunk, DLC was awesome, and patch 2.0 has refreshed the game. Cleaning up the map and doing every quest I can, hopefully get this wrapped up this week as well and can move onto another game.

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