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Just a little guy interested in videogames, reading, technology and the environment.

I’m on Telegram - feel free to ask for my details :3

My other account is @OmegaMouse

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I played the remastered Spyro trilogy recently (great games) and it took me about half of the first game to work out how the gem chests work. You hit them and the gem shoots out the top, which you then have to grab before it returns in order to unlock the chest. For a while I thought you just had to ground pound the chest at the right angle to get it to open and I couldn’t work out why it didn’t always work.

After realising the correct way I felt pretty dumb lol.

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I think this model can work, and has its benefits (like with Game Pass). To be clear though, Ubisoft’s offering is shit and not worth the price they’re asking. And one thing I absolutely hate is the (sometimes timed) exclusivity on some of these platforms. The Lost Crown looks great for example, but Ubisoft are trying to force people to use their service by not offering it on Steam.

Personally I don’t really mind not ‘owning’ the game in most cases. 9 times out of 10, I’ll play a game and be done with it. Short, linear indie games for example are perfect for a Game Pass type model. What we don’t need is 10 similar subscriptions with their own exclusives.

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That’s really neatly made. What sort of stuff do you use it for?

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That sounds really useful! Good to have a lightweight booklet for jotting things down at any time

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