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februrary IT guy pocket dump (slrpnk.net)

middle-aged IT generalist guy, United States. from left, lens cleaning cloth, REI 1L nalgene, handkerchief, coffee tumbler, ridge wallet, generic grid lined notebook, Leatherman Signal, Pilot G2 .07 pen, keys for work with included tiny flashlight, and phone case (Peak Design Mobile) to represent the phone (Pixel 7 Pro) used to...

Backpack recommendations?

I’m looking for recommendations for a backpack that will be used for commuting to work. What I’m looking for would have one large compartment that I could put a shirt and a pair of pants in, a Bluetooth speaker, a large Contigo water bottle and maybe some miscellaneous stuff. I don’t want a hundred pockets and compartments...

Prybar/marlinspike made from an old beryllium copper wrench (i.imgur.com)

Been wanting a prybar to go with my copper EDC stuff for a while but I was worried copper wouldn’t be strong enough. Found this old wrench on ebay for $10 and modified it for my needs. Left one of the wrench jaws on there so there’s two ways to use it as a prybar. The spike end is rounded enough to probably not tear through...

EDC: Upgrades (lemmy.world)

My Orbitkey was beginning to fray since I’ve had it for over five years. I made a replacement for the old canvas from 5 oz veg-tan leather. I’ve had my old wallet for a year and half. It was the first thing I ever made and I’ve never been completely happy with it. It worked well enough but there were small details that...

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