Linux enthused Machinist EDC

From left to right and reasons why I carry it.

[Nixon Regulus] it has a timer, (which is really great for cycle times on the mill and you gotta use the can) 2 chronographs, 3 alarms and most importantly tells the time. The reason why I chose this watch is that I wanted a simple watch with a few feature and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want a smartwatch because of privacy and how useless they are without a phone connected, I originally thought about buying a Casio gshock but wasn’t thrilled at how it looked, although I have heard some pretty crazy stories of them surviving.

[USB Toolkit] USB-C to USB-C cable (quick charging and data in a pinch)

USB-C to Lightning (for that one friend that insists on owning an iPhone)

USB-C to Micro (for them crusty old devices)

USB-C to A (for when USB c isn’t available)

USB-C male to USB-A Female (for when you need to plug something USB-C into USB A)

USB-C to micro SD card (for when you need to save a file or need a Linux live environment)

[Wallet] it was a gift, have no idea what brand it is, It’s made out of canvas and has a neat little pocket to hold my USB-C stuff.

[Leatherman skeletool] I have always like having a screwdriver and pliers multitool, I in the past carried a Gerber center drive and loved it. Except for how bulky and heavy it was, it also did not fit in my watch pocket/coin pocket. I also have used the Gerber Dime, which I really liked because of how pocketable it was. However, I used the pliers on it and it broke :/. So I settled on a Leatherman Skeletool, I don’t like it has proprietary bits, but it’s really lightweight and fits perfect in my coin pocket. The main reason I like having a pair of pliers in my pocket is at my job I do a lot of cutoffs and there are hot metal chips that make the pliers very useful when u need to move them

[Atom Tech Power Bank] it has 1 USB-C (in and out) 1 USB A port it’s 3000mAh which isn’t that big but I only use it for a hop up on charge as I rarely use my phone and my earbuds have big batteries

[extra mentions] I also have a pair of Sony xm3’s i daily for music and junk, and they work pretty well, and sound great. They are kinda big case and earbud wise, however I’m fine with some chunk.


I was looking at the nixon regulus but apparently it’s made in China. I wanted to find a nice minimal digital watch but made fair labor.

finn1sher, avatar

@pineapplelover @Steamymoomilk These days, stuff made in China runs the gamut from sweatshop to well paid labour and from crappy clones to very premium manufacturing.
If a company talks about their work environment and prides themselves on it, the labour might be fair. I wouldn't trust this messaging from someone like Nike though.

I mostly avoid China for political reasons


Some of the casio gshocks are made in Japan. There are also some gshocks made in Philippines but those may also be sweatshops


You might wanna get a “cable card”. It would replace all of the usb stuff. highly recommend, I always have it in my backpack


“Nerd” 🤓


Are we the same person? I’ve had my Regulus, skeletool CX and mini skeletool (top left forgot name) for years and years.


Great minds think a like!


Love my G-Shock. Use it as my everyday beater at work etc. It’s knocked about to all hell, but it doesn’t look bad in anyway (a bonus of the casing being a polymer rather than metal). My only annoyance is that I love in Australia and we don’t get the time synch radio signals down here. So mines out a little bit (it’s only out by less than 3mins, and it’s fast rather than slow, so I don’t mind). Which is why I went with the Casio Oceanus for my more “fancy” watch. Yeah, it is sorta technically a smart watch, but it literally only has two smart functions. One, it can sync with my phone to adjust the time. And two, it can make my phone make noise if I hold down the button if I’ve lost my phone. Now, haven’t actually figured out how to do that second one yet (I’m no idiot, so I’ve asked various friends to attempt to use it too, they can’t either), but I don’t need that feature, so I couldn’t care less (I didn’t even know it was a feature til I had the device in my hands and was reading the manual). But yeah, as far as smartwatches go, it’s dumb as fuck. Which ain’t bad thing, I ain’t giving it any data to send to a server lord knows where…


Sometimes I think about getting a nicer real watch, but I just can’t give up my little Fitbit.


Check out the sog powerpint. You can get them really cheap from aliexpress, and the pliers are pretty great. They also have a bit holder. I carry a dewalt flip and switch to go with it.


It looks pretty dope! Thanks for the idea May be a replacment for my gerber dim R.I.P


How do you not lose all your little USBs? This would be my one true fear.


They sit in a plastic bag I forgor to add it to my picture :/


Ahh, okay. No worries. Maybe a headphone case would work, too.

Sabata11792, avatar

I lose them or my pocket kills them. I just gave up on carrying a flashdrive.

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