februrary IT guy pocket dump

middle-aged IT generalist guy, United States. from left, lens cleaning cloth, REI 1L nalgene, handkerchief, coffee tumbler, ridge wallet, generic grid lined notebook, Leatherman Signal, Pilot G2 .07 pen, keys for work with included tiny flashlight, and phone case (Peak Design Mobile) to represent the phone (Pixel 7 Pro) used to take the photo.

not pictured: car/bike keys, as the wife has the car today and it was snowing so i didn’t bike, and wristwatch because i forget, constantly, that i’m wearing it; it’s just a part of me. generic Timex Weekender with a nylon strap. does nothing special but tells me the time, accurately, on a face i can read, even in the dark.


Dude men’s pocket’s are huge!


You can tell you’re either an IT guy or a professional skateboarder if you have pockets big enough to hold both a nalgene bottle and a coffee tumbler.


This also goes for any dads over 30


If you have room for the state of New Jersey, you have room for a Nalgene.


Handkerchief users represent.


it’s so handy. 99% of the time I use it to clean my glasses, but if I’m with someone who’s crying, if I need to clean off a screen, if something’s dusty or gross but I need to pick it up, if I get sweaty and need to wipe my brow, if something gets spilled and there are no napkins handy, etc I can use it. when my dad passed I got all his; he was a high school principal most of his career and carried one every day.

@Infynis@midwest.social avatar

Is the Leatherman Signal designed for networking? I’d love if mine could cut and strip wires


I think it’s designed for outdoorsy stuff as it also has a firestarter component. but it definitely works well for basic networking stuff too!


Hey fellow subaru owner!


good eye! my own car is an Outback (2018) and my work car is an Ascent (2022).


What kind of Subaru?


Ascent for business, Outback for pleasure, lol. the Ascent is the car I drive for work, the Outback is my personal car.


Is that a Warby Parker glasses cloth?


lol, yes it is! I got my glasses from there ages ago before I knew there were cheaper options. I like my glasses and need lens cleaning cloths all the time, so it works.


I thought I recognized the lettering through the backside of the cloth! When I got my prescription updated I decided to buy a “nice” pair of Warby Parkers and a couple swapout/“fun” frames from Zenni. Maybe it’s a bit consumerist but I like having a couple options to accessorize with depending on the overall look I’m going for.

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