DIY Hayanawa Bracelets

I wear hayanwa “fast rope” bracelets every day, so I made them in different colors to coordinate with my outfits. These bracelets allow 6 yards of 95 Paracord to be quickly and easily deployed with a simple tug.

I was inspired by a video by MeZillch, but with some tweaks I came up with, most notably being a pre-tied handcuff loop for hojojutsu and an aglet to help thread the stopper knot.

ETA: This video shows how to fit 6 yards of cordage in the bracelet.


Do you find yourself using it, and what for?

I almost always find myself using a full arms’ span of cord, which for me is around 5.5 feet, so I generally carry two of that length, one wrapped up, and one in a loop with a diamond knot, which I find convenient in place of a carabiner.

Jilanico, avatar

I’ve used it once to try to recover something stuck in a tree 😅 The length is quite long for some uses but perfect for hojojutsu. I also used to carry a shorter length in the form of a keychain for more mundane uses.


Ooo, I like that short one. I think I’ll use that. Thanks for the link.


I was literally wondering what to do with a role of paracord today and Googling ideas

Jilanico, avatar

If you make this type of bracelet, post a pic! :)

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