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Motorcross Enthusiast
West Virginia University (CFB and CBB)
Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators
Elder Scrolls Online (Xbox NA)
Rocket League
Helldivers 2

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As much as I hate to say it, Ubisoft has a really solid game on their hands. Some issue with netcode and I think the XIM/Cronus use is going to rise pretty quickly, but other games have dealt with it before. I’ve enjoyed the few hours I put in so far and will be playing it tonight with the boys. I’d like to see a classic TDM but hotshot works for now. Also a really cool take on the Kill Confirmed gametype

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Which is why I’m so regretfully enjoying it. It plays well despite being a Ubisoft game lol

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I very vaguely remember that lol,now that you mention it

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