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When will people learn that GitHub isn’t the place to put code that was previously removed from there?

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PS3 (that’s the Dualshock iirc?), Steam Controller, and the Wii U Pro Controller (I quite like the two analog sticks at the top). In that order probably.

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The PS2 one is pretty much the same, isn’t it? I’ve never used one of those myself though.

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I need to mention the Enigma Trilogy here. It uses the retro graphics so well to its advantage to create a strong horror atmosphere that I don’t think could have been done anywhere near as well with high fidelity graphics.

And it has a very small audience and definitely deserves a lot more so go check these games out! store.steampowered.com/…/THE_ENIGMA_TRILOGY/

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I played so much TF2 from probably around 2014 until the dreadful matchmaking update. Still played a bit afterwards but not nearly as much. By far the most I’ve played Spy and Engineer, always liked them because they were the most unique. Scout after that.


What adventure games do you recommend?

pretty much the title. i have played most of sierra, lucasarts and telltale catalogues so if you are suggesting one of their games i’ve probably already played it. it doesn’t have to be a copycat, homage or in the same style as these companies’ games either, just that it must satisfy the vague definition of being an...

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You can’t? I’ve only ever used it once, in the past few years, and I installed Fortnite* to my external hard drive. Was on a Mac though, maybe there it’s different. But yeah it’s still godawful.

  • my friends unfortunately managed to convince me to try to play it (didn’t work in the end since they stopped building it for Mac and my main gaming machine is Linux)
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Hmm, I thought it saved the path I entered. Might be wrong though.

Game genres where "It's just more X content" is more than enough

We get a lot of sequels in the gaming world, and a common criticism is when a series isn’t really innovating enough. We’re given an open world game that takes 40 hours, with DLC stretching it out 20 more, and see a sequel releasing that cut out it’s late 30 hours because players were already getting bored....

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Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age. Luckily, people are still making amazing fan missions and entire campaigns for both entries in the franchise after over 20 years. That’s probably the best outcome a commercial game can have…

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Here’s some more:

  • Bought Rocket League and immediately stopped maintaining the perfectly working Linux version that people paid for
  • Sold people Fortnite Save the World (PvE mode) and stopped caring about it when the Battle Royale mode took off, it was never finished

Also I don’t know if this is really anti-consumer but as an Unreal fan I still hate them for it:

  • Stopped working on the new Unreal Tournament when Fortnite Battle Royale took off
  • Took the old Unreal games off the store for no real reason

Anyone knows about calm Windows games with 1-finger touch screen support?

What I am searching for is for games that support touch screens and can be played with 1 finger / one hand. No action games with fake joysticks on the screen, just games that work with a single finger or at least one hand while lying in bed and trying to wind down. One very good example is Civilization V, which has a dedicated...

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