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Recently ditched subscription services because of non-stop price hikes. Now I’m on Navidrome with a VPS and using Ultrasonic on my Android for mobile and Android Auto listening. For music, I turn to good old Soulseek and Telegram bots.

Never going back. The control and savings make it all worth it.

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They also broke adding songs to playlists on mobile lmao


Free on vimusic.

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They’re still visible with the current xmanager version


Yeah but the change is server sided so it will stop working soon I suppose.


No. Xmanager patch unlocks premium features. So literally you’re a premium user.


It depends on whether the feature is server-side restricted. For example, xManager can’t set audio quality to very high.

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As I mention further in the thread, I am a premium Spotify user and they have been removing lyrics from songs that used to have them recently. It may not matter if you have the features or not, if they’re just going to be removing the lyrics anyway. Which makes it even shittier that they would advertise it as a premium feature, just for users to subscribe and find out none of the songs they want lyrics for have them anymore.

unfnknblvbl, (edited )

As a Spotify Artist, I bet I don’t even see a single hundredth of a penny for somebody paying extra for the lyrics, either…

And even if Spotify did pay out extra for lyrics, I’m sure they’d find a way to screw my band out of royalties like they currently are anyway.

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Even then you might not see them. I’ve noticed recently that a ton of songs that used to have the lyrics attached no longer show the lyrics or have the button to show them. And I do have premium.


I noticed that as well, and I, too, have premium


Meanwhile, I’m sitting here with my pirated apk and I can still see all the lyrics 😂


Solid business decision by Spotify here, I support this move. I’ll probably switch over to them from YouTube music.


I know right. What’s Spotify’s goal with this move


What’s Spotify’s goal with this move

Get people to pay for premium…


So someone can ignore the ads, ignore not being able to chose a song, and ignore no download. But having to open musixmatch in a separate app is the straw that broke the camels back


The idea of suddenly having something taken away fro you really triggers people.

If they had introduced as premium from start, then no would have cared about it.


It seems they were right going by how upset people are in here. Many of these people that are carrying on like spoiled children will no doubt subscribe to premium now.


The goal is that now that they’ve been caught pirating lyrics, they have to pay MusixMatch for their lyrics, perhaps on a per request basis, so they lose money by making it available.


It does make sense though since Spotify has to pay musixmatch for the service.


who crowdsource a heap of their lyrics, paying a pittance to their curators 🙄


That’s true. But to be fair, I have added one song and synced a few. I didn’t do it because I wanted pay, I did it because I wanted the song’s lyrics to be on Spotify and on the app.

They built a service and people seem to like it, so I don’t mind.


Does anybody know of an alternative app that can do live lyrics?



Note that it’s not really a Spotify streaming app, rather it uses your (free) Spotify account for playlists, search, recommendations, etc. and then goes and find the song you want to play on YouTube, and the lyrics from scraping websites I think. Pretty clever.


It’s all about having the .lrc file, it gets read automatically (as long as it’s named like the song file) by mpv player and many android players.

It’s a simple text file containing the lyrics with timestamps. You can get them from deezer for example with certain downloaders. Or look for them on Soulseek.


Yup. Recently let a foobar extension run through my music library and download .lrc’s. Now I can read them with Poweramp on my phone.


Googles YouTube music just got updated for live lyrics.


It’s out of sync and I don’t know how to scroll manually when it happens.


The lyrics source that Spotify uses is free with a few caveats, like ads. The normal synced lyrics are free though.

The source is musixmatch and they have a floating lyrics window on Android which is neat.


Tidal. I use it because Id gotten tired of Spotify and YouTube Music’s BS




I just use Shazam for that


spotify-premium-apk for the mobile devices, soulseek for the desktop.


Xmanager > random spotify premium apk


Just installed via xManager after your comment and now I can’t log in…


Join their discord, it’s helpful. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t let you login, shame because it really is the best ATM.

happyhippo, (edited )

Could someone kindly ELI5 how to lidarr-ize my liked tracks from Spotify, please?

My collection there is quite static and I think I’m a good candidate to go MP3/AAC/whatever 🏴‍☠️ plus Spotify free just to keep up to date with newly released singles/albums from time to time.


P.S. also what comes after would be great, i.e. how I can batch transfer all those files from my home server running lidarr to my Android phone/PC and keep them in sync after the initial transfer. Plus also a nice feature rich Android app, either free (no ads) or even better open source with an accessible price.


Skip Lidarr for your initial move. Use Deemix. You can find links to premium ARLs on the wiki or with a google search (or DM me).

Deemix has an option to sign in with your Spotify account and download playlists. There’s a weird song count limit, and you may have to manually hit some tracks. But this is the way.

You can also do Flac with this setup. You don’t necessarily need it, but if you’re making the move, I recommend it. Since Flac is lossless, there’s never going to be an upgrade.


Also, if you’re up for the self-hosted life, what comes next is a music server. If you have good access to WiFi or unlimited data, this eliminates storage as a bottle neck. I recommend Navidrome. But something like Jellyfin or Plex can do Movies and TV, if you want a 1 size fits all.

If you’re not, look into Syncthing. You chose a folder on your computer and one on your phone and this app keeps them in sync. After that, my favorite player was GoneMad. It’s offline, with real support for music tags. This allowed song ratings and real smart playlists



Yeah I forgot to mention that I’m already living the self hosted life, I got a small home server with the arr suite, jellyfin and a few other containers.

Didn’t know about syncthing, I’ll definitely check it out. Same for GoneMad 👍🏻

Thanks again!


I can’t find the reference, but isn’t Spotify the service which stole the lyrics from another site? And then the other site added morse code on some of them to catch them red handed?

That could be part of the reason if it was


I believe the squabble you’re talking about was between Genius and Google, don’t think Spotify was stealing lyrics from anywhere


I tried googling it… couldn’t find it… What you’re saying sounds more familiar.

But, Spotify probably licenses their Song lyrics too I’m guessing, so, not sure how royalties work for that, and could be a factor


I have this memory, that apple was accused to have pirated sone lyrics as well, lol

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IIRC correctly, Genius added white space to some of their lyrics so that when Google scraped them, they could prove they got it from their site since the scraped content also had the random white space.

Auzy, (edited )

Found it…

How did Genius become certain of that discovery? By hiding a Morse code message within some of the lyrics on its own site, the code being a series of curly and straight apostrophes which, when assembled, correspond to the Morse code for the word “REDHANDED” (as in, Google has been caught red-handed). Sure enough, those apostrophes showed up in Google results. But here’s the thing, though. After confronting Google with that evidence as described in a lawsuit Genius filed today against the search giant (with Genius describing that evidence as Watermark #1), Genius then decided to hide a second secret code (Watermark #2) inside its lyrics to further prove the lyrics are being copied.

They used it to spell out “REDHANDED” in morse code using apostrophes too…

Either way, not the case here



Music is one of the easiest things to pirate, so much so that I often forget me downloading flacs of the songs I listen to is supposed to be a no-no

Between a flac playing app (Musicolet on Android and MusicBee on PC) as well as YT Music Revanced, things go smoothly


The only reason I don’t pirate music is because of discovery. I haven’t found a good way to find new music without using a streaming service. And then, I’m already using a streaming service, so why bother.


This. Back when I was a spring chicken I had nothing better to do with my time than download random songs and albums. Ain’t nobody got time for that now.


Streaming is fine to discover music, but you are not guaranteed that an album you like will be there for you the next time you want to listen to it. I do listen music in Spotify with a modded app, then I download the albums I liked. There are albums that I can’t listen to Spotify anymore, but I still have the audio files in my Subsonic server.

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Sure, it’s easy to download one song. But I watch maybe two movies a month, yet I listen to thousands of songs in that time. Downloading songs individually doesn’t even come close to the convenience of streaming. Not to mention the lack of music discovery and social features.


There’s different ways to automate it. There was a thread a while back where someone outlined their system. He kept the free Spotify account and had a script that checked it every week for his new recommended playlists, then it would download it automatically. He used an other software to host the library.


Hoes mad (x24)


But do you? I can still see them, using xManager.

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