Steam's Oldest User Accounts Turn 20, Valve Celebrates With Special Digital Badges - IGN

Some of Steam’s oldest user accounts are turning 20-years old this week, and Valve is celebrating the anniversary by handing out special digital badges featuring the original Steam colour scheme to the gaming veterans.

Steam first opened its figurative doors all the way back in September 2003, and has since grown into the largest digital PC gaming storefront in the world, which is actively used by tens of millions of players each day.

“In case anyone's curious about the odd colours, that's the colour scheme for the original Steam UI when it first launched,” commented Redditor Penndrachen, referring to the badge's army green colour scheme, which prompted a mixed reaction from players who remembered the platform's earliest days. “I joined in the first six months,” lamented Affectionate-Memory4. “I feel ancient rn.”


Member since 24 July 2004 here. Doesn’t feel like 20 years, but it’s also hard to imagine having ~5Tb of installed games across multiple launchers just… available. Plus emulators and other resources. Steam was a pain in the arse at first, but they made it work, and they saw beyond the limitations of dialup tech. I was all for it at the time because I had one of the few Coax connections (NTL at the time, later taken over by Virgin Media) which at that point I believe was 10Mbit… Of course, nowadays we have Gigabit FTTP rolling out throughout the UK, so this seems really quaint, but it’s pleasing to see how far we’ve come.

The US coverage still sucks. Sort your shit out guys, you’re 20 years behind the UK, and we’re a good 10 behind Norway, Hong Kong and others thanks to Twatcher.


I’m always shocked at how behind the US is in some areas of tech despite having so many of the big tech companies located there. Like you say their internet coverage and terms of packages, like still having data limits in 2023. Also the fact that they still sign for card payments in shops, when we’ve been though both chip and pin and contactless since that method was common.


Yeah - I don’t even cary cards with me any more, it’s all on my phone. Including many store cards (Coop, Texaco, Shell, McDonalds…) which automatically pick up without me doing much - I scan, it works.

The only thing I can think is that the US is such a fractured environment with Federal, State and Local government, each with different jurisdictions, rules and taxation, that trying to get it to work would be beurocratically difficult. But at the same time, it’s so ruled by corporations that surely they’d want to push the easiest way - flip your phone out and wave it to pay, easy and secure, so make it happen :D


I remember how much everyone hated steam at first. The WON was fine why ruin it with this stupid steam thing?


17 years ago as of August 23rd! Wow.


Damn, getting old. 19 years of service, hitting 20 at the start of February. 😄

stagen, avatar

Still have 5 more years to go for my 20th.

Still makes me feel old though.


18 as well.


September 13, 2003 for me it seems.

Just a few weeks ago it feels like. Probably spent more time playing video games between 2003 and 2006 than I have between 2006 and today. Makes me sad.


I think I made mine in 2009 for some sweet sweet TF2.


The orange box was such a good deal


Damn, 16 here


11/22/2004 reporting in. Just currently 18 almost 19. I do not have a short steam ID though. Can’t remember which game was the first but pretty sure it was either half-life or HL2

lazycouchpotato, avatar

“Only” 12 years here.

funkmunki, avatar

I hit 16 a few months ago.


Orange box homies say whatsup.

funkmunki, avatar

Yes! I spent entirely too much time in TF2 and Gmod.


Haha yup. I bought it for half life, but figured i would play the other games first. Portal was amazing, so I gave TF2 a shot next.

I didn’t play half life for like 2 years.


Hitting 20 in 5 hours… ;)


I am at 16 as well. I feel so old now lol


Only 18 here.


Same here. I created my account after getting Half-Life 2 for Christmas. Hard to believe that came out in Nov 2004.


15 here.


Nice. I didn’t make a Steam account until it supported Linux back in 2013 or so. So I guess I’ll be celebrating 10 years on Steam soon.


I’m like 3120 or something to sign up. That day was a complete mess as everyone signing up and trying to download their games DDoSed the platform. At that time Steam was just a client to download and play Valve games.

I was younger then and had my own domain thinking I was cool but it is actually shit and uses leet speak. I’m stuck with that forever now as my account name. Sigh.



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  • AngryAnusHornets,

    @yahoo for me


    My account is I’m not sure I’m in this wave, but it must be a few weeks till I hit it.

    Awwab, avatar

    Mine is still a @yahoo login but I wont hit 20 years until February.


    I guess I was dumb when creating it back then.


    Mine is @yahoo, really wish I could change it.


    If you still have access to the original email address you can definitely change it.

    EveningPancakes, (edited )

    Hmm I’ve definitely changed the email that was associated with the account name, but the account name I think originally required an email domain in the field? That is something that you cannot change. It’s fine though, because the user name can be changed.

    Found it on the FAQ, Account ID can’t be changed -…/2816-BE67-5B69-0FEC


    My account becomes 20 years old in 5 days and I’ve never had an email domain in the account name.


    Yeah I dunno, maybe I was dumb back then but I’ve seen others posting similar questions/observations on Reddit and elsewhere before. Thankfully Steam lets you change the display profile name.

    Swarfega, (edited )

    Mines a domain I used to have thinking I was cool. I was not…


    Mine too, I hit 20 years this week 🥳

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