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It’s a game about navigating the mission of publishing “all the news that’s fit to print” when your key demographic may not want to hear that news, or may want it softened or ideologically slanted for their comfort.

Yeah that’s not really what NYT editor Joseph Kahn or any of the other members of the Council of Foreign Relations are trying to do.

Rail Labor Opposes Ancora's Proposed Ouster of Norfolk Southern CEO - TTD (ttd.org)

Ancora Holdings, an investment group, is looking to instil a new set of directors, citing safety issues and higher operating ratio (railroad investor speak for lower profit profit margin). The labour union AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Dept. president Greg Regan has put out a statement against this takeover attempt, citing these...

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Yup, that’s how hedge funds work. Everyone and everything will be left even worse off, which is hard to even imagine given the current state of affairs.

I think this is critical infrastructure that we should nationalize via eminent domain. Given that it’s wildly profitable, what arguments can fiscal conservatives make against it? We can then make the capital investments and worker conditions changes to bring about the direly needed safety improvements. Nationalizing the rail lines could bring the costs down and safety & reliability up further still.

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