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Question: what would infrastructure for caustic soda locomotives look like if they had seen mainstream use?

Soda locomotives saw very limited use, and though I’ve found some awesome photos and descriptions thanks to the research of enthusiasts online, I haven’t really found anything describing what exactly the process of draining the probably-boiling-hot caustic slop from the locomotive and refilling it with water and fresh...

Rail Labor Opposes Ancora's Proposed Ouster of Norfolk Southern CEO - TTD (

Ancora Holdings, an investment group, is looking to instil a new set of directors, citing safety issues and higher operating ratio (railroad investor speak for lower profit profit margin). The labour union AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Dept. president Greg Regan has put out a statement against this takeover attempt, citing these...

Ancora Accelerates NS [Norfolk Southern] Takeover Attempt - Railway Age (

From the document: “The bottom line is that it is time to actually move Norfolk Southern forward. Moving ahead starts with identifying the right destination. Our slate and proposed management team believe they have the experience and strategy required to turn Norfolk Southern into a safer, more sustainable railroad that is...

Public Ownership of Rail Is on the Agenda. Here’s What It Could Look Like. (

Railroad Workers United (RWU), a caucus of rank-and-file workers spanning all thirteen national rail unions, recently released a video offering one answer to the rotten state of US rail. “Putting America Back on Track: The Case for Public Rail Ownership” opens in East Palestine, with a resident of the area showing the viewer...

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