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RE: Is Ernest still here? (kbin.social)

I check in here quite often, but for now, I'm just focusing on clearing spam and keeping the instance alive. In January, I was working on the AP module, and there has been significant progress in the work, which hasn't been publicly published yet. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year, I developed a skin condition that...

What's the quickest way to find a magazine/community you've subscribed to? (kbin.social)

I've been using kbin since the Reddit exodus and I still don't really know the path to finding my way into a specific community/magazine I've subscribed to. I usually search for the name using the search function, then hope I find a thread from there in the results where I can just click directly into it. Surely there must be a...

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It is there

You just have to scroll on the bar with the arrows

RTR#50 Plans for the upcoming week (kbin.social)

Lately, I've been dealing with a slight fever associated with the beginning of the year. I'm trying to ensure that everything runs fairly smoothly. Today and tomorrow, I need to focus on planning finances for the upcoming year and handle formalities related to the project. In the following days, I'll implement changes to fix...

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And upvotes and boosts aren’t turning green for some reason (in comments only)

RTR#22 Further improvements interspersed with code refactoring (kbin.social)

Today, I fixed some visual shortcomings. It is now possible to change images during post editing. The rules of the magazine have been included in the description on Fediverse to avoid misunderstandings with Lemmy users. Some changes are already on the instance, and the rest will be pushed by morning....

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