RTR#22 Further improvements interspersed with code refactoring

Today, I fixed some visual shortcomings. It is now possible to change images during post editing. The rules of the magazine have been included in the description on Fediverse to avoid misunderstandings with Lemmy users. Some changes are already on the instance, and the rest will be pushed by morning.

At the beginning of next week, I will also unlock Mercure, so you will be able to enable the dynamic feed.

Currently, I need to handle communication on Fediverse, and then I'll return to code refactoring.

Ah, and I would have forgotten.
that should work too.

::: spoiler Ah, and I would have forgotten.                 
that should work too.

You can track changes in the official repository

or on Github

@ThatOneKirbyMain2568@kbin.social avatar

that's pretty neat

@Somewhereunknown7351@kbin.social avatar

::: does this work

@mizzyc@kbin.social avatar

::: spoiler you forgot to type
spoiler at the beginning

@Somewhereunknown7351@kbin.social avatar

::: spoiler test

Edit: still not working

@mizzyc@kbin.social avatar

Here it looks fine!

@Somewhereunknown7351@kbin.social avatar

It’s working on my end now

@Kierunkowy74@kbin.social avatar

, that Lemmy-Flavoured Markdown's implementation of spoilers includes entire word „spoiler”. Ouch.


What is "Mercure" and "dynamic feed"?

Kierunkowy74, (edited )
@Kierunkowy74@kbin.social avatar

with the dynamic feed you can receive the updates live - as they are published (without refreshing the page)

@ernest@kbin.social avatar

Exactly so, additionally counting votes and comments without refreshing.


Would that also help with boosts leading to 404 pages?

@mizzyc@kbin.social avatar

Are there any plans for the feed to always show new posts that you haven't seen yet, just like the reddit feed?

I mean, every time I open the "hot" section, for example, I see the same posts that are trending, even when I've already seen them before. It'd be nice to be able to see only content I didn't saw yet, so people will be always receiving new content and raising their interest and engagement :)

EDIT: I'm not complaining about the experience, just making a suggestion and I wanna thank you (as always) for your awesome work with /kbin! It's for sure my favorite social network!

@ernest@kbin.social avatar

I will be working on and prototyping something in the coming months. The first step in the near future will be marking unread comments in some way.

It's for sure my favorite social network!

Great to hear ;-)


Regarding the spoilers, are you aware that federation with Lemmy doesn't seem to work yet?

Lemmy spoilers still don't work for me, and if I look at /kbin spoilers from a Lemmy instance, it appears as

<details><summary>Ah, and I would have forgotten.  
</summary>that should work too.

@ernest@kbin.social avatar

Oh, my bad. Give me a sec ;)

@ernest@kbin.social avatar

It should be better, but I will verify it thoroughly tomorrow. Thanks!



Good job
Looking forward to seeing Mercure here

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