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Development Automation, Self-Hosted Enthusiast from Kyiv, Ukraine

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saber interactive is a russian company. 4A Games is Kyiv-based studio. this cannot be a rescue.

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you are reading Wikipedia in a wrong language. russian wiki page lists all russia and belarus offices, if that is your source.

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for me this makes them russian. I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Controller recommendedation?

Looking to buy a new controller, currently have Xbox One but the thing is I don’t really like the sticks on these controllers, the way they push in and out means they don’t glide smoothly, I’ve used the Elite controllers and they don’t have this issue but $200+ is a little steep, so does anyone make a good controller...

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yeah. keep donating to russian businesses.

Buggy games should be 100% allowed to be refunded.

I have no idea how many runs I started in BG3. Every few moments I report a bug. Every update the game seemingly gets worse. Decisions don’t work, pathing is awful, after the latest update attacks no longer connect properly and my character claims not to be able to attack with a clear line of sight and so on. I have never...

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Words of a person who hasn’t been involved in any software development whatsoever.

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With such an attitude, I am looking forward to your next post where you whine about being fired after working so hard for these years and being so professional boo hoo why am I being fiired. Please, union, save my job. Well, that’s because one of your corporation’s projects in another country that you have zero effect on earned a negative amount of money because of your fantasy and due to refund bombing. Instead of at least covering production costs, such losses would bury company after company all around the world until all of the game development switches to hyper-casual games. All because of toxicity you just made up. Think twice. Look further down your nose. That’s even not mentioning your professional mind deformation. You are not average. You should understand this. You see what others don’t and this doesn’t help you feel positive about products. You should be okay to feel bad about every single product, including your own. In every interview, I ask QAs questions like your fantasy to find out whether the person is able to perceive different work aspects from a business perspective, not only a product perspective. This is very important to discover in an interview to filter the red flag attitude like this post of yours. Sorry for the moral speech. It’s just my day-to-day work pain. I wish you the best, OP.

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Most bugs aren’t unconditionally experienced by all comers or they would have been fixed.

This is not always true. I can assure you, that the game can be published with even critical bugs, and the development team has zero effect on this decision because whether to publish a game and when to publish the game - it’s the publishing department to decide, not the development. Because the development department always cares about quality, and always wants more time to polish more. If the development department made the final decision, the games would be published years later than they are and their budgets would skyrocket. This is why it is important to take the business side of game development into account.

If you had bothered to read you would note they mention concrete defects that effected their playing not nits they were picking based on depth of experience.

One can experience a major defect while keeping positivity for the game, but as soon as you start noticing hundreds of even small defects, your positivity breaks. This is the price you pay for being a professional QA.

Given extremely misery return policies if your game’s profitability is actually materially harmed let alone destroyed by returns you might have released a broken piece of shit and need to blame yourself rather than customers who believed in you enough to at least initially put their money where their mouth is.

You are right. As a consumer, you are totally right. And I agree with this when this is about something tangible and monofunctional like pliers, cutting a tree, cleaning debris, or other products and services not affected by subjectivity. When it comes to subjective products and services there’s always more to account for. Something specific to blame for faults. For you it’s a “game” that is bad, for me, you are talking about the team behind the game, and the team is not one unit. Those are people. People fuck up.

Its a fucking game. If it doesn’t make you forget about it being a “product” and divert your attention from the reality for a few hours its developers have wholly and completely failed.

This is a very powerful thought right there. This is what’s great about games. Now tell me, is the attention of those 96% of people who enjoy this game despite noticing bugs being diverted from reality for a few hours? Did the developers actually fail on this one? Or is it just the Head of the Publishing Department at Larian who said “Enough. We are publishing this NOW!”, and a few individuals with a negative attitude toward a great product?


Did this sound like how humans talk when you said it?

If you click on my profile, you will notice that I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m not a native English speaker, I have almost zero speaking practice. In Ukrainian, this is called “professional deformation”, or “profdeformation” for short. I tried translating this phrase into English. Sorry, I failed.

You try to hire people who are literal soulless robots who think about the money that can be made from convincing people to pay you to shovel shit into their brain instead of having fun.

Sorry, but you didn’t get my idea. You see, the game development teams are very sensitive to the products they make. When publishing comes and says that we are publishing the game now, the development team gets hugely frustrated, as they know not 100% of the bugs are fixed. But each person who is able to perceive this from a business side can understand that this publishing demand can be based on budgeting and made to save the jobs of these developers even with anticipated losses due to negative reviews. By putting this understanding into the heads of my subordinates I save them from frustration and develop their understanding of how business works. This is how I do this, I’m not saying this is the right way.

Can you possibly keep your negativity to yourself if you have nothing useful to contribute next time?

I’m sorry my reply frustrated you. I didn’t want anyone to be insulted. This is just how I express my feelings. I’m a little rough as a person.

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I visited Games Gathering Kyiv before the full-scale war, there, among small indie booths, was the booth where the developers showcased this game. They are young guys from Kyiv, Ukraine. I had a little chat with them. Once guys and a gal. There, I played it, and, obviously, bought it as soon as it became available on Steam, to support fellow Ukrainians. The game is very funny. I had a great time playing it even before its release.

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how do you know that Todd Howard lied? he opened his mouth.

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I think this time is the appropriate thing not to over-design the game mechanics and the story. The game is not legendary, but very enjoyable.

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